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Welsh Valley Middle School



Welsh Valley has long been known for its outstanding arts, music and theater programs. A full range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities are available to students.


The art program advances students’ understanding and skills in drawing, painting and three dimensional form through a studio experience. Elements of design, principles of organization, art styles, art history  and art criticism are explored by the students as media skills and techniques refine and blossom creatively at this pivotal age. Sketch books and skill-building art and writing activities are used extensively. The art program continues to provide experiences consistent with the interests and the intellectual, social and aesthetic maturity of the students. The course provides experience in enhancing artistic development, self-awareness and confidence in one’s ability. By increasing their understanding of art heritage and recognizing artistic styles and achievements, the students grow in their awareness of the art world. Exploration of additional units may include interdisciplinary approaches and multi-cultural perspectives. Students who wish to continue in art at the high school level are encouraged and given guidance.


Welsh Valley offers a variety of musical course offerings, including both performance and non-performance opportunities. Students participate in a number of courses including General Music, Chorus, Band    and Orchestra. In addition to the large ensembles, students also have the opportunity to perform in smaller groups including Chamber Orchestra, Junior/Senior Jazz Band and Advanced Choir. Welsh Valley's musical ensembles regularly receive excellent and superior ratings at adjudicated festivals.


The middle school theater  program affords 6th, 7th and 8th grade students the opportunity to showcase their many talents. Auditions are held for all students interested in performing in a musical and/or drama production. The WVMS theater season consists of a full length play (drama or comedy), a musical show, and a one-act play for competition. The theater program offers students a chance to learn technical and performance skills. Lighting, sound, sets, costumes, props, and publicity are the major technical crews. Students have the chance to perform as actors, dancers, singers, and musicians. By stimulating creative thinking and problem solving, the WVMS    theater    program teaches the importance of personal commitment, cooperative work and goal setting.

WVMS performs Willy Wonka

Landscape Painting by WVMS student