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Welsh Valley Middle School



Welsh Valley extracurricular activities provide opportunities for all students to explore their interests and develop their talents.

At the start of each school year, club sponsors and representatives introduce activities through a series of grade-level assemblies. A particular emphasis is placed on welcoming and encouraging the participation of 6th grade students.


Below is a listing of Welsh Valley extracurricular activities:

  • Art Club
  • Aviation Club
  • buildOn
  • Competition Jazz Band (Advanced Music Students)
  • Creative Writing
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Fire Cords
  • Games Club
  • GSA Club
  • H.A.M. Club (Homework & Makeup)
  • In Stitches Club (Needle arts)
  • Intramural Basketball (6th grade-only a few weeks in Spring)
  • Lab Jazz Band (Advanced Music Students)
  • Minecraft Club
  • Morning T.V. Studio Announcements
  • Newspaper Club
  • Open Gym (Mornings Only - Basketball/Box ball)
  • Project Success
  • Reading Olympics
  • Salon Club
  • School Play/Musical
  • Science Olympiad
  • Stage Crew
  • Stock Market Club (only for 10 weeks)
  • Student Government
  • SWAT Team (6th grade)
  • TSA/Engineering - Technology Student Association
  • Valley TLC
  • Variety Show (Spring)
  • VEX Robotics
  • Wii Club


For information on activity meeting days/times, please call the Parent Hotline (610-658-3901) or refer to the “Daily Announcements” link on the Welsh Valley webpage (In the “Spotlight” section).

Art Club

(M-) Ms. Cassidy & Mrs. Robinson

Art Club is open to all students who attend Welsh Valley. The club meets Monday’s from 3:15 to 4:15 in room E205. A sign-up sheet will be posted on Monday mornings outside E205 and students need to sign up by 1pm to attend. The club is all about artistic development and creative activities! In the past, the club has created art installations for the school, designed club t-shirts, created weekly art lessons, worked with a visiting artist, and hosted a Spring Art Show.

Aviation Club

(Days TBD) - Mr. Sullivan

Offers students the opportunity to learn and apply aviation knowledge using a real simulator and sponsored by an FAA certified pilot. The club offers an enrichment of the middle school science curriculum in an authentic, engaging setting.

Best Buddies

(every other Th)-Mrs. Flocco & Mrs. Peterson

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities The Best Buddies Club at Welsh Valley Meets afterschool twice a month. Activities, games, and social opportunities are organized to help build friendships and promote inclusion at our school.


(Various) Ms. Nemec

This is an international non-profit organization that works to better the local and global community. At the middle school level, we volunteer at service projects around the Lower Merion and Philadelphia regions. We also host fun and interactive fundraisers that support the high school buildOn Trek program. All funds raised are donated to the construction of a school in a developing country. buildOn is a valuable opportunity to get involved and make new friends around the district.

Competition Jazz Band

(mornings M-W-F at 7:30 am)- Mr. Eskin

The Competition Jazz Band is made up of 6th, 7th and 8th graders from within the instrumental music program who audition in late September. The band will rehearse a variety of standards, and contemporary pieces from a wide range of styles. This year, the band, along with the spring and winter concerts will be performing in festivals at Lower Merion, Bala Cynwyd, and Beverly Hills and plans to participate in the Music in the Parks festival. WV hosts their own festival on the first Friday in May. A small group from within the band also performs at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

Creative Writing

(T)- Ms. Cook

The creative writing club is a place where any students interested in expressing themselves and their ideas through writing are welcome. We will set writing goals, meet weekly to share ideas, and give and receive feedback on our work. We will also brainstorm ways to present our writing to real audiences. The club is a space where students can use their imagination to create works of poetry, scripts, short stories, songs, memoirs, novels, plays, and graphic novels. All writers are welcome!

Dungeons and Dragons and Board Games

(W) Mr. Gagliardi

This is a club where students can create stories of adventure and magic together. The students take on roles of magic wielding sorcerers, adventurous swordswomen, and underhanded rogues to name a few. All are welcome into one of the student or teacher run games or even to run their own if they have an inclination to do so.

Fall Lacrosse Club

(daily in November- December) Mr. Bickell and Mr. McCarthy

This club is for boys and girls grade 6th-8th to recreationally participate in skill-based drills and games.

Fire Chords

(F) - Ms. Callaghan

“Fire Chords" is WV’s 8th Grade A Cappella Ensemble! This group is an extra-curricular ensemble that rehearses before school on Fridays until 8AM. Any interested 8th Grade student is welcome to audition for a position in the Fire Chords. Auditions will take place at the end of September and rehearsals will begin in October.

GSA Club

(M) - Mr. Pitonyak

This club is an alliance of students who seek to support all individuals who identify as LBGT by providing a safe and supportive environment for LGBT youth.

HAM Club

(M through Th) - Mrs. DiGiuseppe/Ms. Butler

This is a homework club. Students sign up in the library by 1:30 on the day they would like to attend. Students have an opportunity to complete their homework with guidance from the sponsor. This is not tutoring!

In Stitches Club

(T) - Mrs. Keeney

Build self-esteem, build community, beat stress, and reduce anxiety by joining In Stitches. Needle crafting has been proven to soothe your body and mend your mind! In Stitches is an afterschool needle arts club. club is open to beginners as well as experts. We will be exploring needle arts such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and other needle work interests. Members may choose to work on a group or independent project. In Stitches is a great way to get together with some awesomely creative people.

Intramural Basketball

(6th Grade -Various Days / in the spring) - Sponsor TBD

Open to all 6th graders who want to play basketball afterschool. Your academic team will be scheduled on a day to play and you just show up and sign in. It starts at 3:15 and runs until 4:15. Students need to take the 4:30 bus home (or have a ride home by 4:15) and you do not need to come each time your team plays you can come as much or little as you like. Each academic team will play at least once a week. You play against the other academic teams and everyone plays.

Lab Jazz Band

(mornings 7:20 am T- Th) - Mr. Gammarino

The Lab Jazz Band is one of two jazz bands at Welsh Valley. Our goal is to foster the enjoyment of this great American art form through the performance of music in the three main jazz styles: Swing, Latin and Fusion, as well as the opportunity to develop improvisation skills. Admittance into the two jazz bands is by audition, which take place toward the end of September. Any WV student who plays the following instrument may audition: trumpet, trombone, saxophone (alto, tenor or baritone), drums, piano, bass and guitar. The band performs at the school’s winter and spring concerts, spring choral concerts, and district jazz festivals.

Latin Club/Certamen

(W) Mrs. Eckrich & Mr. Bluth

Open to 7th and 8th graders enrolled in Latin. Certamen is a Latin trivia game played in teams of 4. We will do Latin based trivia every time we meet. During Latin club we will take a deeper look into the world of Roman history, culture, mythology and the language itself. We will play games, watch videos, and look at famous artwork inspired by The Greeks and Romans. Eventually, our certamen team will compete against other schools in the greater Philadelphia area.

Math Counts

(W) Mr. Rosen

MathCounts is a nationwide program designed to increase students’ interest and ability in mathematics and heighten awareness of the importance of math. Students from all grades will meet weekly culminating in the Lower Merion Invitational Math Tournament in May. Practice allows students enrichment in math while having fun!

Morning T.V. Studio Announcements

(M through F 7:50 am) - Mr. Brockman/Mr. Weaver

Students are responsible for editing the script, developing backgrounds and setting up the virtual TV Studio. Students develop live studio skills including: running the soundboard, editing backgrounds, using studio cameras as well as developing teamwork skills. Students also develop video editing skills by developing and producing short films such as special reports, and news intros. Every day the club puts on a live 10-minute production that is viewed by the entire student body. The TV studio also broadcasts several special live productions including, student government elections, Spirit Day and assemblies throughout the school year. The TV Studio Club is open to all grades but positions are limited. Positions include: News Anchors, Special Reporters, Camera Person, Live Video Editors, Background Producer, Sound Engineer and Director.

Newspaper Club

(T) Ms. Dubashi

The newspaper club allows students who enjoy writing to come together, express themselves, and share their thoughts and ideas. Through the writing process, students can experiment with different types and styles of writing while developing their craft and creativity. Ultimately, the newspaper club gives WV students a voice and connection to what they feel is newsworthy.

Open Gym

(mornings - M through F at 7:30 am) Mr. Wyatt

The purpose is to provide students with a morning activity until they are allowed to enter the classroom buildings at 7:55am. It is designed so students can organize themselves into half court pick-up games, foul shooting contest “knock out”, or simply shoot around. Students can arrive any time between 7:30-7:45am. Students are expected to wear proper footwear and demonstrate positive behavior. Basketballs are provided.

Open Studio

(W-am) Mrs. Robinson

Art opportunity for 7th & 8th grade students to advance their art skills and work on student-led individual projects. Students must sign up with Mrs. Robinson prior to attending. This group meets in E205 on Wednesday mornings (6:50-7:50am).

Project Success

(T & Th) Mrs. Langdon/Ms. Mobley

This activity is attended by students (at their teachers' request) who are making up missed or late assignments.


(Th) Mrs. Bartholomew

A place for students to discuss any topic they are curious about. Our club is a judgement free zone and all are welcome.

Reading Olympics

(M and W) Dr. Markey

Reading Olympics Club meets on Monday & Wednesday afternoon in the library. If you join our team, you do not have to attend both days - just stop in on the day that works best for you! During our meetings, you will have the opportunity to borrow books from this year’s list & read them. We have mock competitions with teammates to prepare for the county-wide competition. The Reading Olympics program culminates in a special evening celebration where all teams are invited to attend & compete against other schools in Montgomery County.

School Play/Musical

(Various days) Mrs. Serpentine

A school musical is performed annually in the spring. With 80-100 students participating every year, it is one of Welsh Valley's most popular extracurricular activities! Auditions are typically held in early-mid December, with rehearsals usually beginning in January after the Winter Break. Students can listen to the morning announcements to find out important information regarding auditions and rehearsals. The musical gives students the opportunity to act, sing, dance, and make new friends…come on out and show us you're a triple threat!

Science Olympiad

(M through Th) - Mr. Lewis/Mr. V’Soske/Mr. Gagliardi/Mrs. Raidy

This is a competitive science club for students interested in all aspects of science & technology. The students compete in 23 events ranging from biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, technology & environmental science. Students choose events based on their interests; building towers 7 Rube Goldberg’s are just a few, & study events such as dynamic planet or diseases & heredity, or combinations of both building & study events. We compete at an overnight invitational in Solon, Ohio, and a regional competition at Cabrini College & hope to move on to the state competition in Juniata College where students compete against the best schools in the state of Pennsylvania. The team will eventually consist of 15 active members and some additional students who help with the building events.

Stage Crew

(meetings as needed) - Mr. Weaver

Once trained, stage crew members will set up and operate the microphones, lighting and LCD projectors for assemblies during the school day. Stage Crew is not the same as the school musical stage crew. Stage crew members must check in with the advisor regularly. Students may be required to arrive at school early in order to set up for assemblies or other events.

Student Council

(Friday 1x per month) - Mrs. Cooke/Mrs. Swetland

Members of Student Government work together with administration, faculty, and staff, using student suggestions and ideas to benefit the WV Community. Student Government meets monthly. Each homeroom elects a student representative and may have an alternate. The homeroom representatives are responsible to attend meetings and bring ideas and concerns of their homeroom to Student Government. Our elected officers run the meetings and work closely with their faculty advisor.


(W) - Ms. Mobley

This is an organizational/time management club open to 6th-8th grade students. The sponsors help organize binders, clean out lockers and even make time management charts if needed.

TSA (Technology Student Association)

(T & Th) - Mr. Weaver /Mr. Brockman/Mr. Birch/Ms. Morris

This competitive club provides leadership and other opportunities in technology, innovation, design and engineering. Members apply STEM concepts through co-curricular competitive events. Events include Photography, Construction, Forensics, Electrical, Medical, Biotechnology, Public Speaking, CAD, Micro-controllers, Video Game Design, Webmaster, and many others topics. Competitions are held in February, April and June at the Local, State and National levels.

Valley TLC

(Various days) Mrs. Serpentine

TLC stands for Theater Lights and Charity. This organization "houses" a lot of the theatrical performances of Welsh Valley. We put on a fall play, spring musical, take a NYC trip, just to name a few. We also do charity work related to our performing passions. In the coming years, we hope to expand to do dance performances and solo/duet singing performances. The organization has an executive board.

Variety Show

(May and June; various days) - Ms. Keeney, Mr. Weaver,& Mrs. Eichman

This activity is held in the late spring and it gives students the opportunity to show case their artistic talents. This can include singing, dancing, comedy, magic acts, karate and playing instruments. Students can perform individually or in a group. All performances must be pre-approved for content appropriateness to middle school. Then the student is required to sign a copy of the rules as well as provide all materials necessary to perform. Students must attend rehearsals and the actual show is held in June. The 6th grade will perform in front of their peers and the 7th and 8th grade will perform together. Parents are invited!

VEX Robotics

(T & Th) - Mr. V’Soske

VEX Robotics inspires students to become the problem-solving heroes of tomorrow. VEX EDR offers students a rich and exciting platform to immerse themselves in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through the fun of building robots. It is a system of hardware and software that allows students to design, build, and programs robots to perform tasks both autonomously and under driver control.

Wii Club

(M) - Mrs. DiGiuseppe

Historically, since as early as the 2007-2008 school year, LMSD, with the support of our HSA, has provided students with a “Wii Club.” This club was instantly a hit due to its many advantages and since the Wii is so highly interactive! Instead of sitting alone and pressing buttons or clicking a mouse, players are standing moving, swinging and interacting with others. At Welsh Valley Middle School Wii Club, is open to all students. Wii Club affords students the opportunity to engage in a physical activity, to interact with a variety of peers and to deepen social connections in a highly structured after school setting.