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Welsh Valley Middle School



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The core middle school academic program includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, music, fine arts, family and consumer science, technology, health and physical education. Students also develop important practical and technical skills, including research and study skills and a strong foundation in technology.

As part of the District's emphasis on interdisciplinary, project-based learning at the middle school level, Welsh Valley offers themed, year-long, interdisciplinary programs in all three grades. Eighth graders have the option to participate in the Points of View program which uses a thematic approach to ensure that in each of the four core content areas, students will view local, national, and global issues through the lens of social justice. Seventh graders can participate in Waterbound - a full-year interdisciplinary unit that investigates the history, culture, and environment of Lower Merion Township and Colonial America. ARTiFACTS is a sixth grade full-year interdisciplinary program that uses the Arts as a lens through which to explore the sixth grade curriculum. Middle school teachers in all curricular areas continually encourage students to make connections among and across disciplines.

When sixth graders arrive at middle school, they gather for the first time with peers from other LMSD elementary schools. New faces, new academic and co-curricular opportunities and a different building signal certain transition. Key to easing this transition is a teaming model that creates smaller learning units within each grade and an advisory system that connects small groups of students with a faculty advisor. Teams are led by groups of teachers from across subject areas who work collaboratively throughout the year to support individual student needs in the classroom. Advisory groups meet regularly to discuss relevant themes and topics, including time management, study/social skills, preparing for high school, community service, peer mentoring, etc.

Welsh Valley also provides comprehensive programs and services for students with special needs in an inclusive environment.

With the guidance of a highly talented and dedicated staff and the structure of a rigorous, multi-disciplinary curriculum, Welsh Valley students enjoy an individualized experience that prepares them to advance through their schooling as independent thinkers and compassionate, responsible global citizens.