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Update from Ms. Shafer on Start Times Feedback and Upcoming Meetings

Dear LMSD Families,

I wanted to provide a follow-up to yesterday’s email that included a reminder about the Healthy Start Times Survey closing and bullet points regarding some of the feedback you’ve shared to date. I also wanted to give you a preview of some upcoming meetings and presentations in which you might be interested in participating.

Healthy Start Times Feedback

We have heard from many of you concerned that your feedback regarding the impact of the proposed schedule on elementary students and their families was not among the bullet points listed in yesterday’s feedback summary. I sincerely regret this omission.

I am grateful for our partnership with Brownstone Public Relations, the company facilitating the Listen and Learn sessions. They have provided robust feedback regarding elementary family/staff concerns. For example, elementary parents/guardians and staff have cited issues such as young learners’ earlier wake-up times; loss of attentiveness as the day progresses; the need for early morning childcare; and the impact on afterschool activities, including free time, family time, religious lessons, therapeutic sessions, and sports and arts activities. Please be assured that these points – and many others from diverse stakeholders within our community – are noted and will continue to be brought to the Board for consideration.

Please note that although the online survey has closed, the collection of survey responses through pre-planned outreach strategies continues through this weekend. In addition, the Listen and Learn sessions are ongoing and the dedicated email address is still available.

Upcoming Presentations

At the March 13, 2023, Education Committee/Supplemental Board Meeting beginning at 8:00 p.m., the Administration will share two important presentations with the Board and community.

  • The first will be an update of regarding the feedback on the Healthy Start Times proposal received to date as well as our efforts to operationalize the proposed schedule.
  • The second will be a presentation about the District’s playing field needs and usage.

All community members are encouraged to attend the meeting, either in-person in the Board Room at 301 E. Montgomery Ave. in Ardmore, or via the zoom feed or livestream. A pop-up window with links will appear on the District website,, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Board Vote on Start Times

Due to the amount of time needed to plan for next year, the Board is expected to vote on the Healthy Start Time proposal at its Regular Business Meeting on Monday, March 20, 2023. This meeting also begins at 8:00 p.m. and will available for the public to attend in-person, via Zoom or livestream.

Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts on topics important to our school community as we work to continuously improve educational, social emotional and extracurricular opportunities and supports for our students.


Megan E. Shafer
Acting Superintendent