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Montgomery Virtual HS (MVP) Courses through the MCIU

Registration Process for Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP) Online Courses via Montgomery IU

  • The Lower Merion School District is partnered with MVP to offer students an online option for summer school.
  • Online MVP courses are available to LMSD students who attend LMSD schools only.
  • MVP course advancement or credit recovery registration is between March 29, 2023 through June 16, 2023.
  • Registration is online ONLY
  • There are two steps to the registration process
    • 1-go to website on LMSD to complete registration form and pay the $75.00 non-refundable registration fee to LMSD. This link will be available starting on March 14.
      MySchoolBucks Registration Link
    • 2- complete an additional registration and pay tuition through MVP once the MVP registration portal opens on March 29, 2023.
  • $75 registration fee payment is online through MySchoolBucks and through credit card only
  • Course tuition for MVP is non-refundable.
  • The course deadline CANNOT be extended. August 4, 2023 is the last day to complete coursework.
  • Students may enroll up to 2 MVP courses or a combination of 1 Face-to-Face and 1 online MVP course over the summer.
  • Proof of registration fee payment and tuition payment is necessary prior to being considered officially enrolled in MVP.

MVP Course Orientation

There will be MVP Course Orientation at LM and HHS during the school day (Lunch and Learn) in early June. Students who have enrolled in an MVP course are expected to attend. If you are unable to attend, there is a link to the online orientation that can be emailed to you.

MVP Online Course Advancement Registration

In addition to completing the online registration form through the LMSD website, an online registration form and payment for Course Advancement courses must also be completed through MVP’s website at Online Course Advancement courses will be taken at the honors level except for Health and Math 8 which will be only be offered at the college prep level. The designation on the student transcript will be identified as an online honors level course, and the grade will be reported; however, the grade will not be calculated in the student’s GPA and will have no impact on the grade weighting.


MVP Online Credit Recovery Registration

In addition to completing the online registration form through the LMSD website, an online registration and payment for credit recovery courses must also be completed through MVP’s website at . Online credit recovery courses will be taken at the college prep level.


Cost for Summer School


Please note that summer school fees do not qualify as a child and dependent care expense deduction for federal income tax purposes.  Therefore, the District will not provide its Employer Identification Number for this purpose.


Program Online Cost
Summer School Registration (For All Students) Online $75.00 (Paid to LMSD)
Resident Only MVP (attends LMSD schools) Online (Credit Recovery) $300.00 (Paid to MVP)
Resident Only MVP (attends LMSD schools) Online (Course Advancement) $425.00 (Paid to MVP)

Students on Free and Reduced Lunch

Students participating in the Free and Reduced Lunch program are only responsible for the $75.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Students MUST have applied, been accepted to the F/R lunch program, AND have completed the “Sharing Information with Other Programs” waiver form prior to April 28, 2023 to be considered eligible.

No free and reduced lunch applications will be processed after April 28, 2023.

Both forms are below

The waiver form must be printed, filled in and scanned to Lauren Marcuson at and Karen Pinardo, Food Services, at

Eligibility for F/R lunch status must be certified by having the student's principal notify Lauren Marcuson via email regarding eligibility. Students who qualify for F/R lunch status must attend LMSD schools.

Any student who qualifies for the F/R lunch program who does not complete their summer school course work will be ineligible to participate in summer school the following year through the F/R lunch funding.

Payment Options for MVP Courses

  • $75.00 Non-Refundable registration fee may be paid by credit card at MySchoolBucks online
    MySchoolBucks Registration Link
  • Course Tuition fee must be paid directly through MVP through their website.


There are NO REFUNDS for MVP online courses for ANY reason.

Withdrawal From Courses

When a student withdraws during the first three days of Summer School from both Face-to-Face and MVP Online Courses, no record will be made on the student's transcript. After that, if a student withdraws during the first three weeks of a Summer School course, one of the following notations will be made on the student's transcript for that course:

  1. “WP" for Withdrew/Passing
  2. "WF" for Withdrew/Failing

When a student withdraws after the first three weeks an "F" for Failure will be recorded on the transcript.


Students may have access to their computers over the course of summer school if they are enrolled in an online option through MVP. They must notify their tech support person at their school of their enrollment in summer school.

All student computers will need to be returned to their home school on or before Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

If you fail to return the laptop by this date, you may not be eligible to receive your laptop for the early distribution rollout.

Academic Credit

Successful completion of a summer school course carries the same credit as may be earned during the regular school year.

All High School credit recovery (CR) courses will be offered at the college prep level.

MVP Courses are NOT weighted and do NOT count toward GPA. The student earns a letter grade and the credit for the class.

There are no extensions to the August 4, 2023 deadline.

Biology Keystone Exam

Students enrolled in Biology for MVP will be REQUIRED to take the Biology Keystone on Thursday, July 27, 2023 (make up day July 28, 2023). Students who cannot attend either of these dates, may NOT enroll in Biology for summer school.

The keystone exam will take place at Lower Merion High School. Students must provide their own transportation. The exam begins at 8am.

MVP Course Information

Please note that the MVP online course experience is fully asynchronous for instruction. All instruction is pre-recorded. Students may access the content 24-7. While there are instructors with office hours, the expectation is that students are able to access the content independently. Additionally, the instructors are NOT LMSD teachers. They are teachers hired through the MCIU. Students should feel comfortable embarking on a fully asynchronous experience with no engagement during class with peers or the instructor.

Students should expect to spend approximately 5 hours per day, 5 days per week for the seven weeks on the course work. Since this is an average, your child may need to spend more or less time to complete the course work.

LMSD’s Summer School Course Offerings for MVP

LMSD 2023 MVP Summer School Offerings MVP MVP Course Name
English 1 (9th Grade) CR English 9
English 2 (10th Grade) CR English 10
ELA 11/12 Expository Reading and Writing (11th Grade) CR LMSD ELA 11/12 Expository Reading and Writing
ELA 11/12 Expository Reading and Writing (12th Grade) CR LMSD ELA 11/12 Expository Reading and Writing
U.S. History (must be entering 10th grade or above) CA/CR U.S. History
Human Anatomy & Physiology
(must have completed Biology)
CA/CR LMSD Human Anatomy & Physiology
Biology (must take Keystone exam in the summer) CA/CR Biology
Chemistry (must have completed Biology) CA/CR Chemistry
Physics (must have completed Biology) CA/CR Physics
Math 8** CA Math 8
Integrated Math 1 CR Integrated Math 1
Integrated Math 2 CR Integrated Math 2
Pre-Calculus BRIDGE Program
(This course is recommended for juniors who earned an A in IM 3 or an A or B+ in IM 3H)
This is a noncredit bearing class, but passing this course will allow you to enter Calculus CP in the fall 23-24 school year.
This course will NOT appear on student’s transcript
CA Pre-Calculus
High School Health
(must be entering 9th grade or above)
CA/CR  Contemporary Health
  • CA=Course Advancement
  • CR = Credit Recovery (all CR course credits are at College Prep level)

**Math 8 is a course intended for students who can access the math learning via an asynchronous model and work independently for the most part to complete the work. Math 8 includes the opportunity for students to access a LMSD math teacher online to receive additional support. This opportunity is not mandatory and students may complete all of the work online without accessing any available support. The person is only available for 1 hour a week for all students, thus it is essential that the student be able to access the material independently and interface with an asynchronous teaching model for new material. Face to face opportunities for support may exist but are not guaranteed.