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Lower Merion School District


General Information for Face-to-Face, LMSD Online Health and MVP Courses

Report Cards, Grades, and Transcripts

Report cards are issued ONE time during summer school on the last day. Grades in Summer School are as follows:

Grade Percentage Description
A+ 97-100 Excellent Work
A 93-96 Excellent Work
A- 90-92 Excellent Work
B+ 87-89 Above Average Work
B 83-86 Above Average Work
B- 80-82 Above Average Work
C+ 77-79 Average Work
C 73-76 Average Work
C- 70-72 Average Work
D+ 67-69 Below Average Work
D 63-66 Below Average Work
D- 60-62 Below Average Work
F Below 60 Unsatisfactory Work

Grades for Withdrawal after 3rd Week

Grade Percentage Description
WP – Withdraw/ Pass Above 60 Withdrew weeks 1-3 and Passing
WF – Withdraw/ Failing Below 60 Withdrew weeks 1-3 and Failing
N/C – No Credit   No Credit Earned or Excessive Absence

After the last day of Summer School, a transcript will be sent to the home school that was listed on each student's Registration Form. If a student wants his or her transcript sent to a school other than the one listed on the Registration Form, he or she must submit a written request to the Summer School Office indicating the name and address of the new school before the start of the last week of Summer School.

All grades for all courses will be reported on the LMSD transcript.