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Face to Face Courses

Registration Process for Face-to-Face Courses

  • These sessions will be held at Harriton High School
  • Registration forms are online.
  • Students may only enroll in one Face-to-Face course.
  • Face-to-Face accelerated learning course registration is March 15, 2021 through April 9, 2021
  • Registration for Face-to-Face credit recovery courses closes by June 17, 2021.
  • Students from out of district schools or those who are residents but do not attend LMSD schools must register for all face-to-face courses by April 9, 2021.

Cost for Summer School

Please note that summer school fees do not qualify as a child and dependent care expense deduction for federal income tax purposes. Therefore, the District will not provide its Employer Identification Number for this purpose.

Program Face-to-Face Cost
Summer School Registration (For All Students) Face-to-Face $75.00 (Paid to LMSD)
Resident 4.5  hour course Face-to-Face AL or CR $915.00(Paid to LMSD)
Non-Resident 4.5 hour course Face-to-Face AL or CR $1,850.00 (Paid to LMSD)
Resident 2.25 hour course (Middle School) Credit Recovery (CR) $525.00 (Paid to LMSD)

Students on Free and Reduced Lunch

Students participating in the Free and Reduced Lunch program are only responsible for the $75.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Students MUST have applied, been accepted to the F/R lunch program, AND have completed the “Sharing Information with Other Programs” waiver form prior to April 9, 2021 to be considered eligible.

No free and reduced lunch applications will be processed after April 9, 2021.

If you participate in the F/R lunch program and have signed the waiver, you must notify Lauren Marcuson after paying the $75.00 registration fee as she will register your student on the MVP site.

Payment Options for Face-to-Face Courses

$75.00 Non-Refundable registration fee may be paid:

Face-to-Face Course Tuition fee may be paid:

All fees must be paid in full by at the time of registration.

** You will only be notified if a course does NOT run. If you do not hear from the Summer School Office prior to the start of classes, you may assume the class is running.


If a Face-to-Face course cannot run due to insufficient enrollment, the registration fee and course tuition will be refunded. If the course is offered and a student withdraws by Wednesday, June 23, 2021 only the course tuition will be refunded.

If a student is withdrawn on or after Wednesday, June 23, 2021, due to attendance issues, no refund will be issued.

Withdrawal From Courses

When a student withdraws during the first three days of Summer School from both Face-to-Face and MVP Online Courses, no record will be made on the student's transcript. After that, if a student withdraws during the first three weeks of a Summer School course, one of the following notations will be made on the student's transcript for that course:

  • "WP" for Withdrew/Passing
  • "WF" for Withdrew/Failing

When a student withdraws after the first three weeks an "F" for Failure will be recorded on the transcript.

Level Changes

(For accelerated learning face to face classes only)

Level changes can only occur during the FIRST 2 days of Summer School and ONLY if there room in another class.

Health and Safety Protocols

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we will continue to require that face masks be worn at all times by students and staff.  Acceptable face masks include 2 layer cloth masks or surgical masks. Gaiters and valved masks are not permitted. Face shields are not permitted instead of face masks but may be worn in addition to a face mask.  Requests for exemptions to the face mask due to an identified disability with accommodations noted in the student’s IEP or 504 should be directed to the Principal. Masks may be removed in the cafeteria to eat or drink during the 10-minute break period.

Desks in classrooms will be placed 6 feet apart to the extent possible to maintain social distancing. Students and staff are expected to adhere to all LMSD health and safety protocols including following directional stairway and hallway signs.

Families must notify the summer school office if they test positive for COVID-19 or if  if they believe they have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19. Students must self-screen daily according to district protocols for COVID-19 screening before arriving to school.  Students who have symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 may not be permitted to attend school.  The LMSD complies with directives and guidance from the Montgomery County Office of Public Health in matters pertaining to COVID-19 including the enforcement of quarantines and isolation periods.

Academic Credit

Successful completion of a summer school course carries the same credit as may be earned during the regular school year.

For students entering grades 7 and 8, a notation will be made on the student's record. 

All High School credit recovery (CR) courses will be offered at the college prep level.

All Accelerated Learning (AL) in a Face-to-Face session will be offered at the college prep or honors level.

Only courses offered through LMSD face-to-face summer school for Accelerated Learning (AL) will be calculated into the student’s GPA.  If an Accelerated Learning (AL) course is not offered face-to-face due to low enrollment (fewer than 15 students), LMSD may offer an option for the student to enroll in MVP in accordance with the approved course offerings.

LMSD's Face-to-Face Summer School Course Offerings

LMSD 2021 Summer School Offerings LMSD Face-to-Face
English 6 CR
English 7 CR
English 8 CR
Social Studies 6 CR
Social Studies 7 CR
Social Studies 8 CR
Global Studies 1 CR
Global Studies 2 CR
U.S. History (must be entering 10th grade or above) AL
U.S. Government (must be entering 10th grade or above) CR
Science 6 CR
Science 7 CR
Science 8 CR
Biology AL
Chemistry (must have completed Biology) AL
Physics (must have completed Biology) AL
Mathematics 6 CR
Mathematics 7 CR
Mathematics 8 CR
  • AL = Accelerated Learning
  • CR =Credit Recovery

Educational Experience/Coursework Outside the Lower Merion School District

Students often engage in educational experiences or coursework outside the District’s program. While these experiences may enrich and enhance a student’s learning, such courses will not be documented on an LMSD transcript nor be awarded District credit. Enrollment in these experiences is a decision made by a family or student, thus the District will not offer opinion or guidance for participation. Students are welcome to pursue outside courses on their own. Upon request, the District will evaluate placement into the next best course in the curriculum sequence for students who choose to do so; however, credit will not be awarded towards graduation for outside courses. In addition, Lower Merion does not recognize courses taken outside the District for acceleration purposes when those courses are associated with a Keystone Exam.  Students are allowed to take an AP Exam for any District offered AP courses, even without taking a District AP course, but we do not award credit for taking the AP exam. Credit is only earned when they complete a District offered AP course.

Attendance for Face-to-Face Courses

Each day of summer school is the equivalent of a week of school during the regular school year. It is important that a student attend every day. No credit will be given for a course if a student is absent more than TWO days. Days missed because of suspension will be counted as absences. For summer school purposes, a student is considered absent when they are not in attendance-regardless of reason; even if the absence would be considered excused during the regular school year. If your child is late/absent, please call the Summer School Office at 610-896-2002 to let us know. Please call the day of the lateness/absence.

Students who are late to school will have the number of minutes late accrue to count towards days absent It will be possible to exceed the two day (or one day) limit simply by arriving late to summer school on a regular basis. If the absence limit is exceeded, the student will be withdrawn from summer school and will earn a W/P, W/F or F depending on when during the session the student is dismissed.

Student Tardiness Guidelines

If you arrive after 8am and (Time) and have a (Course Length) you will be assigned (consequence)

Time Course Length Consequence
Between 8:00AM-8:30AM 2 Hour Course (1st) Late Minutes
4.5 Hour Course Late Minutes
Between 8:31AM-8:59AM 2 Hour Course (1st) ½ Day Absence
4.5 Hour Course Late Minutes
Between 9:00AM-10:09AM 2 Hour Course (1st) 1 Day Absence
4.5 Hour Course ½ Day Absence
Between 10:10AM-10:40AM 2 Hour Course (2nd) Late Minutes
4.5 Hour Course ½ Day Absence & Late Minutes
Between 10:41AM-11:09AM 2 Hour Course (2nd) ½ Day Absence
4.5 Hour Course 1 Day Absence
Between 11:10AM-12:30PM 2 Hour Course (2nd) 1 Day Absence
4.5 Hour Course 1 Day Absence

Course Assignments and Class Schedules

Course assignments will be posted outside the main entrance and lobby area of Harriton High School the day before the start of Summer School. Students should report to the Lobby by 7:50 AM on the first day of Summer School or come to the windows the day before to check course assignments, times and room assignments. Course assignments are not sent home or disseminated in advance of the first day of Summer School.

Class Type Class Times
2 Hour Course Times 8:00AM - 10:10AM & 10:20AM-12:30PM
4.5  Hour Course Time 8:00AM - 12:30PM
Sessions on Last Day Only 8:00AM-8:55AM   & 9:05AM-10:00AM


No visitors are permitted in Summer School. Summer School is a concentrated educational effort.

Conferences and/or Extra Help

Since teachers remain in Summer School for 20 minutes following the end of the student day, they are available for conferences and/or extra help.  Please contact teachers in advance to confirm meeting arrangements.

Dropping Off/Picking Up/Parking/Shuttle Bus

As a benefit to families, we will be offering a shuttle bus from LMHS to HHS and back. The bus will depart LMHS at 7:35am from the Owen Road side of the school. Parents should drop students off in the front parking lot at LMHS. The bus will depart HHS for LMHS at 12:35. Please call Mrs. Marcuson at 610-658-3955 if you are interested in riding the shuttle bus. 


Students may park in the student lot at Harriton HS. Students may park in the designated spaces only. Students may NOT park in the bus circle or in “reserved” or “visitor” spaces. Students who park in the circle or in “reserved” or “visitor” spaces risked being towed. Students who choose to park on the streets surrounding the school do so at their own risk. If there is signage indicating that parking is for 2 hours only, students will NOT be permitted to leave school to move their cars.