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Penn Wynne Elementary School



Penn Wynne student holding magnifying glasses up to her eyes like a pair of glasses.

Join an activity at Penn Wynne!

Penn Wynne offers an assortment of clubs that enable students to actively participate in school functions giving a sense of community and involvement, as well as helping them to become more well-rounded and arouse interest in new things. From sports, to the arts, to business, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Chess Club: Learn to play the game of chess and have the opportunity to play games against all the different members of the group.

Art Club: Show your creative side in this club while doing many different types of projects including clay modeling, painting, sketching, 3-D craft making and so much more!

Early Morning Sports: Several days a week students can arrive at Penn Wynne an hour before school starts to play organized sports with the physical education teacher. The different games played include basketball, soccer, floor hockey, capture the flag, and other sports.

Penn Wynne Singers: If you choose not to play an instrument but have a passion for music, students have the opportunity to join the Penn Wynne Singers and sing their hearts out.

Band and Orchestra: All students are encouraged to try learning an instrument during their time at Penn Wynne. Each student will go through a series of test runs with the music teachers and will be recommended for an instrument that is best suited for their skill set, whether it be brass, percussion, woodwinds, or strings.