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LMSD Health Topics Parent Education Program 2019
LMSD Health Topics Parent Education Program 2019

LMSD's Health Services Department, the Inter-School Council and our ten Home and School Associations are pleased to present another year of parent education programming for all district parents and guardians. The goal of this series is to bring together parents/guardians from across the district with experts on various topics around parenting. This year's series will include sessions on drug use, mindfulness, technology, suicide and more.

Although an event may be hosted at a specific school, all LMSD families are welcome. Please join us! All programs begin at 7:00 p.m.


  • Extracurricular: How Much is Too Much? - Tuesday, February 5 in the Penn Wynne Elementary School auditorium. For parents/guardians of students K-8.

Do you worry that your child may be overscheduled? How much is too much? Our open forum panel will discuss participation in athletics, social media, activities and more.

Panel Participants include: Jim Scott (Welsh Valley Middle School Challenge teacher and Athletic Director), Deborah Wilson-Leslie (Gladwyne School Counselor), Jen Goldberg (Elementary Technology Specialist), Bobbi Wolf (former LMSD Educator and Executive Director of Wolf Performing Arts Center) and Dr. Sherry Pomerantz (Psychologist and past presenter on Toward a Positive Body Image and Building Resilience and Self Esteem.

RSVP welcome but not required. Advance questions for the panel also welcome. Please contact Health Services at Please join us for this event!

  • Mindfulness and the Elementary Child - Wednesday, February 27 in the Cynwyd Elementary School Auditorium. For parents/guardians of students in K-5.

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce anxiety, encourage focus, and promote a sense of calm. Parents are invited to learn more about Mindfulness through an evening workshop. Several resources will be shared so that participants can begin practicing Mindfulness at home, at work, and with their families.

Lisa Ruzzi and Natalie Thibauld have developed a mindfulness program for the district that is specifically designed for younger children. Incorporating movement and breathing exercises, these before and after school programs are highly popular in the district. Lisa and Natalie will explain how families can incorporate the practice at home to help their children, and themselves, deal with stress and anxiety.

Lisa Ruzzi has worked as the Cynwyd Elementary School Counselor for over 23 years. Mrs. Ruzzi's Mindfulness training includes completing the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program at the Myrna Brind Center for Mindfulness at Jefferson, as well as receiving her Children's Yoga certification. Mrs. Ruzzi also completed a year-long Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program from Mindful Schools and has been teaching Mindfulness curriculum to children since 2014

Natalie Thibault has worked as the Cynwyd School Librarian since 2010 . She holds master's degrees in Library Science as well as School Counseling. Ms. Thibault is a Certified Childlight Yoga instructor. She also completed training through the Mindful Schools Program. Ms. Thibault has been co-facilitating Mindfulness sessions for elementary school children since 2014 including "Mindfulness in the Morning" and more recently, an evening "Mindful Family" group.


  • Suicide Prevention: How to Identify and Help a Child at Risk of Suicide - Tuesday, March 5 in the Harriton High School auditorium. For parents/guardians of students in K-12.

Suicide prevention is an important topic for all those who work with children and young adults. The very popular TV show "13 Reasons Why" has had students and parents talking - which is good, but we want to ensure that the conversation is informative and constructive. Please join us for an important discussion about this often silent crisis. The conversation will be led by Dr. Matt Wintersteen, Assistant Professor and Director of Research in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University/Jefferson Medical College specializing in research on suicide prevention and intervention in adolescents and young adults.

  • Promoting Positive Sleep Habits - Wednesday, March 20 in the Belmont Hills Elementary School cafeteria. For parents/guardians of students in K-8.

LMSD, like many other districts, is examining the impact of poor sleep on student success. There is much we can do right now with our children that can promote positive sleep. Join us for an interactive discussion about the importance of good sleep habits and how to instill them in our own home.

Participants include: Dr. Aaron Sterba is a licensed psychologist who provides both clinical and sport psychology support to clients. For much of the last decade, Dr. Sterba has worked at Lehigh University, where he has provided the clinical, peak performance, and leadership development services offered to student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. Dr. Sterba has a first-hand knowledge of what it takes to perform in high pressure environments, and is passionate about teaching mental skills to individuals, teams and groups. In addition to his extensive collegiate experience, Dr. Sterba has worked with individuals and teams at the professional, Olympic, elite high school, and recreational levels.Dr. Deborah Ledley received her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Toronto in 1999 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Adult Anxiety Clinic of Temple University. She then spent several years on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. Since 2006, Dr. Ledley has been in private practice in the suburbs of Philadelphia where she primarily works with children, adolescents and adults with anxiety disorders. Dr. Ledley's research has focused on the nature and treatment of anxiety. She has published over 60 scientific papers and book chapters, as well as five academic books.


  • Preparing Your Child to Launch - Tuesday, April 2 in the Welsh Valley Middle School auditorium. For parents/guardians of students grades 6-12.

There is an increased focus on the struggles of adolescents and on their transition from high school toward a mastery of the tasks of adult life. This presentation will discuss this stage of development, the challenges your child will face and life skills your child needs to move through middle school, high school, and then on to college or work. We will talk about strategies that will help your child develop the tools they will need to successfully navigate life's transitions. We will also discuss obstacles parents/guardians experience in making the adjustment to parenting an "about to launch" teen.

Dr. Sherry Pomerantz is a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice for over 20 years. She received her Ph.D. from Temple University in Educational Psychology and completed a three-year post-doctoral clinical training program in family therapy. Dr. Pomerantz works with adolescents, young adults, and adults in individual, couples, and family therapy. Her specialty areas include women's issues and helping adolescents and young adults develop a healthier sense of who they are.