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Elementary Engineers Assemble for LMSD's LEGO League Tournament
Elementary Engineers Assemble for LMSD's LEGO League Tournament

More than 80 fifth grade students from throughout the District recently gathered at Penn Wynne Elementary School for LMSD's FIRST LEGO League Tournament. Eight different teams of students, under the direction of teacher-coaches, were challenged to design, build and program a robot using LEGO Mindstorms and to present research on a real-life problem regarding the transportation of goods and products.

Teachers generously volunteered their time to serve as judges and referees throughout the day reviewing student presentations, adjudicating the many creative robot designs and overseeing the in-tournament action. The students had to devise a way for their robot to navigate through a prescribed path on a map from beginning to end. Along the way, the robot had to perform specific tasks, such as stopping at specified locations, transporting various LEGO objects, unloading the objects on either side of the path, and moving forwards and backwards. The students had to figure out how to use the LEGO bricks, sensors and programming software to accomplish the given tasks.

At the end of the competition, each team was acknowledged with an award for robot design, robot programming, innovation, teamwork, advanced engineering, research, team spirit, creativity or for offering a unique solution.

To view a slideshow of images from LMSD's LEGO League Tournament, click play below!