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Home & School Association

The Penn Valley Home & School Association is an active participant in the life of our school community. Through its efforts, the Home & School Association enables teachers to extend the curriculum by supporting field trips, cultural programs, and artists in residence, as well as social events such as, the fall fair, BINGO nights and more. The HSA publishes a weekly online newsletter, The Panther Press, which contains important information on school and community events. Click here to sign up to receive the Panther Press.

HSA Board

2017-18 HSA Board

Co President Kim Heft
Co President Jenia Keating
Vice President Virginia Davis
Vice President Alyce Cerniglia
Treasurer Melissa Murphy
Treasurer Kim Lichtenstein
Secretary Soukvilai Greiner
Secretary Lauren McMichael
Panther Press Editor Whitney Hoffman
Past President Whitney Hoffman

Forms & Documents



Date Time Event
8/29 5:30- 7:00pm Kindergarten/1st /2nd grade picnic
8/30 5:30- 7:00pm 3rd /4th /5th grade picnic
9/5(Tues) 9am-3:35 School starts
9/14 7:00pm Open House
9/21-22 All Day Schools Closed
9/26 5:30- 7:30pm Fall Family Fair/Picnic


Date Time Event
10/4 8:30am National Walk to School Day
10/4 All day Picture Day
10/9-13 All Day Book Fair(library)
10/10 7:45am Morning Muffin Mingle(cafeteria)
10/12 7pm Evening Book Fair Event/PJs & cookies
10/20 6:30-8pm 5th Grade Social
10/26 6:30pm K/1 Bingo (cafeteria)
10/31 11:00am Halloween parade
10/31 12:25 Early Dismissal/staff development


Date Time Event
11/2 All day Picture Retake Day
11/7 All day All Schools Closed (Election Day)
11/13-17 All day American Education Week
11/15 9:30am HSA Open House meeting
11/16 5:00pm Parent teacher conferences
11/17 12:25 Early Dismissal
11/17 1:15pm Parent teacher conferences
11/17 6pm Jump Rope for Heart
11/20 3:45pm Staff appreciation dinner
11/20 5:00pm Parent teacher conferences
11/21 12:25 Early Dismissal
11/21 1:15pm Parent teacher conferences
11/22 12:25pm Early dismissal/staff development
11/23-24 All day All Schools Closed


Date Time Event
12/6 6:30pm 2/3 Bingo(cafeteria)
12/8 10:00am 1st grade musical
12/14 7pm Winter Choral Concert
12/25-1/2 All day All Schools Closed/Winter Break


Date Time Event
1/12 12:25 Early Dismissal/staff development
1/12 1pm MLK service day- LMSD
1/15 All day All Schools Closed


Date Time Event
2/9 6:30pm PV Idol
2/15 12:25pm Early Dismissal/staff development
2/15 1:00pm Skating Party
2/16-19 All day All Schools Closed
2/28 7:00pm 5th Grade Musical


Date Time Event
3/9 6:30-8:30 5th grade movie night
3/13 3:45pm Staff Appreciation Dinner
3/13 5:00pm Parent teacher conferences
3/14 12:25pm Early Dismissal
3/14 1:15pm Parent teacher conferences
3/14 7pm Intermediate Instrumental Concert
3/15 12:25pm Early Dismissal
3/15 1:15pm Parent teacher conferences
3/16 12:25pm Early Dismissal
3/16 1:15pm Parent teacher conferences
3/26-3/30 All Day Spring Break- All Schools closed


Date Time Event
4/6 6pm Parent vs Teacher Sport Event
4/20 6pm HSA Parent Teacher Social
4/27 6:30-8pm 4th grade social


Date Time Event
5/1-4 lunch Plant Sale
5/4 7:45am Staff Appreciation Breakfast
5/4 9:30am Children’s Garden
5/8 (5/9 rain date) 10am 5th Grade Junior Olympics
5/15 All Day All Schools Closed
5/16 9:30/1pm Kindergarten Orientation
5/17 7pm Beginning Instrumental Concert
5/23 9:30am 1st-5th New Student Orientation
5/30 7pm Spring Choral Concert
5/25 10am Field Day
5/25 12:25pm Early Dismissal/staff development
5/28 All day All Schools Closed


Date Time Event
6/5 9:30am HSA Volunteer Open House
6/7 5:30-7:30pm HSA Spring Fair
6/12 2pm 4th & 5th Grade Recognition
6/15 10am 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony/Reception
6/15 12:25 Early Dismissal
6/15 6pm 5th Grade Celebration Party



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