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Kindergarten Students Help Dedicate Bush in Memory of Longtime Penn Valley Teacher

Penn Valley's current kindergarten students did not have the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Norma Greenberg, who spent several decades imparting her wisdom to the five- and six-year-olds in her charge at the school. 

But Mrs. Greenberg would have no doubt been proud of this year's students, who helped her granddaughters create an enduring tribute to their beloved grandmother at the school she served. 

Maggie McNulty and Morgan Levy approached Penn Valley Principal Scott Mitchell earlier this school year, shortly after their grandmother passed away at the age of 95 in September. They had the idea of planting a butterfly bush near the kindergarten classroom where their grandmother had spent so many happy years. 

Mrs. Greenberg created LMSD's Project Change (Children Helping and Nurturing Growth in the Environment) in the early 2000s. The program was designed to help students understand the nature of change, examine the environment and appreciate the arts.

The kindergarten students who attended the butterfly bush dedication on May 23, 2024, shared with Mrs. Greenberg's granddaughters how they had visited the Riverbend Environmental Education Center to learn about nature -- a field trip experience she would have encouraged. 

The bush that was selected will produce fuschia blooms and attract butterflies. And while it was less than a foot tall at planting, as the kindergarteners will grow in the coming years, the bush will as well. It can reach a height and width up to eight feet!

A plaque to be installed by the bush will read, "In loving memory of Norma Greenberg. Former LMSD kindergarten teacher who encouraged children to always TRY."

Her granddaughters explained that Mrs. Greenberg always wanted them to practice spelling and would spell out the word as she encouraged them to "T-R-Y."

For photos of the butterfly bush dedication, please click through the slide show below:

Mr. Mitchell points to where the bush is planted as kindergarteners look over to the location
Kindergarten class and their teacher stand in front of the school
Several kindergarten students stand in front of their teacher.
Several kindergarten students, one of whom is raising his hand to answer a question.
Mrs. Greenberg's family and Mr. Mitchell stand in front of Penn Valley with kindergarteners
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Greenberg's family look on as kindergarteners answer questions.
A staff member chats with Mrs. Greenberg's daughter as kindergarteners look on
Kindergarteners stand on the sidewalk next to where the butterfly bush is planted.
The small butterfly bush in the ground