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Penn Valley Elementary School


Penn Valley Students Explore Local Ecosystem & Watershed During Mill Creek Stream Study

As part of their science unit on ecosystems, fourth graders at Penn Valley Elementary School recently made the trip to Rolling Hill Park to participate in a stream study of Mill Creek with the Lower Merion Conservancy.

Conservancy educators utilize classroom visits and hands-on outdoor experiences to teach students about the relationship between humans and the natural world. During these educational excursions, children discover the effects of human activity on clean water, the importance of protecting the local watershed and the unique story of the Mill Creek Valley.

By infusing the Conservancy's mission to preserve local history, protect clean water and use open space for positive outdoor experiences, these real-world learning journeys help provide depth and meaning to the complex ecological issues facing the region. Students return from these sessions with a better understanding that individual and community action can make a positive impact on our planet.

The Lower Merion Conservancy protects and enhances the community's character and quality of life, recognizing that the sustainable management of the environmental and historic resources is inextricably intertwined with both conservation and change. The Conservancy advocates for policies, programs, and projects that support its vision for the community and builds an informed constituency that can actively support this vision.