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Penn Valley Elementary School


About PVES

Students at Penn Valley holding letters spelling out CARES.

Penn Valley School is proud to provide a nurturing, safe environment in which all children can take advantage of a rich instructional program within a newly renovated school building with the support of parents and the school community which the students contribute to via community service projects and activities.

School Environment: Penn Valley School provides a safe and nurturing school climate. This climate is achieved through staff and parent collaboration. Forums for collaboration include the School Leadership and Cafeteria/Recess Playground Committees. By working together, parents and staff explore strategies to improve school climate and safety.

Instructional Program: Like its sister schools, Penn Valley School offers a rich and diverse instructional program. We look closely at our students' performance data as a means of improving achievement. This practice is shared with parents.

Renovated School Building: Complete renovations of the entire school facility concluded in 2004, with the addition of a new library and multi-media center.

Parent/Staff Collaboration: Penn Valley School parents are active participants in school based decisions.

Community Service: As we strive to teach students the relevance of all aspects of their school life to the real world, Penn Valley School students engage in community service projects (marathons to benefit charities; coat drives to benefit needy families; recycling projects which enhance students' awareness of ecology) which extend their learning and experiences.