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Lower Merion School District


First Grade iPad Program

Background Information:

In December of 2010, the Lower Merion School District began to explore the potential of mobile computing (tablet devices) in an educational setting. At that time, a committee was formed to research and test different products within our schools. After considering the alternatives that were available at the time, the committee concluded that the Apple iPad could provide significant learning opportunities for young children.

During the 2011-2012 school year, the iPad was tested in two classrooms in Lower Merion, a Kindergarten and first grade. The children in these classrooms used iPads at various times throughout the day to support the curriculum. Based on this success, all Kindergarten students during the 2012-2013 school year had access to an iPad to enhance motivation and learning. Since   the fall of 2013, first grade students have been using iPads during whole class and small group instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions About the iPad program:

  • Who will be using iPads?
    All Kindergarten and first grade students will have access to iPads in their classroom. In general, each child will use the same iPad each time, but iPads will be shared. All iPads will stay at school.
  • Why are K and 1 students getting iPads and not other grades?
    iPads are simple for K and 1 students to navigate (laptops are often difficult for this age group) and there is a large number of educational apps that focus on young children. Students in grades two through five have access to laptop computers.
  • How much time will the children spend using the iPads?
    The amount of time each child spends using an iPad will vary from day to day and from classroom to classroom. Additionally, it's rare to spend more than 15-20 minutes on any single activity with this age group.
  • Which apps will be used?
    The apps have been carefully selected and reviewed by the Elementary Technology Specialist and Curriculum Supervisors. The apps are chosen as tools to support and reinforce our existing curriculum and are embedded directly into our curriculum maps. We will not be building activities around apps, but rather choosing apps that support/reinforce what we would already be teaching.
  • How many iPads will each first grade classroom have?
    There will be approximately one iPad per every two students. In other words, if a class has 20 students, there will be 10 iPads available.
  • What are the benefits of using iPads in the classroom?
    During class lessons, the iPad allows for increased student participation, while during small group time, iPads can provide immediate feedback and differentiated instruction. iPads will be used in a manner which increases social interaction and participation, rather than isolates children during use. In addition, student engagement increases when using the iPad.