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Dear LMSD Community,

The District recently relaunched its website as part of an effort to enhance online communication with stakeholders. The old site served us well for the past seven years, but lacked a number of design elements that are now standard with new websites. For example, the new site features a responsive design; this means the site adapts and adjusts to fit the screens of various user devices. This has become particularly important as the vast majority of our users are now regularly accessing the site on mobile devices.

Another key difference of the new site is the expanded ability for users to subscribe to information that is most important to them. Instead of having to check the site daily or dig through calendars and news lists, users can sign-up and receive an automatic email and/or text update anytime something has been added or changed in an area of interest. Users can also add LMSD calendars to their personal calendars, so that relevant LMSD events will feed directly to into their online calendar or their device's calendar application. There is also a "filter" function in the calendars menu so that users can select as many (or as few) calendars to view at one time.

Complete information and instructions on the features described above can be found by clicking here.

A few additional highlights/changes:

  • Instead of separate login locations for parents, students, and staff, there is now a single login link for all users. Staff and students can continue to use their current District login and password information. Parents do not need to create a new account, but will need to create a new password by hitting the "password reset" link.
  • Middle school and high school athletic schedules are now available as calendars on the website.
  • A new keyword search function yields expanded, more relevant results.
  • The staff directory is now searchable by name, school and function.
  • A "How Do I" page provides articles intended to help users navigate features of the website. Users can ask questions and suggest new topics.
  • The site is accessible to users with visual and auditory impairments.

We encourage you to send us comments, questions, suggestions and corrections via the site's Feedback link. We have had a team of parents, staff members and students reviewing the new site over the past few weeks and welcome your ongoing support in ensuring that everything is working properly and looks accurate and complete. Generally, the navigation and content on the new site should look/feel familiar.

Thanks to all stakeholders who have played a role in helping to develop the new site over the past six months, with particular thanks to Interschool Council, parent leaders, the District's Communications Committee and school staff for providing extensive, valuable feedback on what matters most in the user experience.


Doug Young
Director of Communications