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Merion Elementary School


Letter Regarding 4th Grade Report Card Pilot

September 7, 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers of 4th grade students:

I hope the 2017-18 school year has started successfully for your child and your family! Every school year brings about new and exciting experiences and memories; we expect this year to be every bit as exciting. We are pleased to share with you that, throughout the 2017-18 school year, the fourth grade will be piloting a new report card for students. The new report card will feature improved readability, more specific feedback on 4th grade learning standards, and an expanded narrative that provides meaningful feedback for students and families on progress toward the district's transformative goals.

The report card revisions have been driven by the district's strategic plan, All Forward. Fourth grade teachers have been working hard with members of the curriculum team to improve the report card's alignment with standards and curriculum as well as broadening our reporting to include values reflected in the strategic plan, including fostering growth mindset, student innovation, and other measures of the Habits of Mind. For your reference, the district's transformative goals are available by clicking here. They are K-12 learning goals that are long-term in nature, establish purpose and relevance, and emphasize independent application when facing new challenges both in and outside of school. The transformative goals are closely aligned with the dispositions reflected in the Habits of Mind and drive our curricular work in the district (see for additional information).

You will hear more about the report card pilot from your principals and teachers at Open House on 9/14/17 and at Parent-Teacher Conferences in November. As this is a pilot, and the final report card has not yet been approved by the board of school directors, you will also continue to receive the current report card until final approval. Until approval, the current report card will continue to serve as the official record of your child's progress. At the end of the first trimester, you will receive the current report card along with the new, expanded narrative. Beginning with the second trimester, you can also expect to receive the full new report card. Through this process, we will seek your valuable input. An anticipated outcome from this process is providing you and your child with more meaningful feedback about progress and learning.

We view this as a very positive addition to our program and are excited about partnering with you through this pilot. Should you have any questions about the pilot or the elementary report card, please ask your classroom teacher, school principal, or feel free to contact me at


Scott Eveslage, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent