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Merion Elementary School


'Ms. Brown is Always in Town' for Her Students at Merion

Throughout the year, Merion Elementary School counselor Candace Brown holds special sessions referred to as Minute-Meetings with Ms. Brown where she meets and chats individually with every single student. The Minute-Meetings with Ms. Brown are just another great example of how the Merion community is fostering and building a sense of belonging within school walls. #LMSDBuildingBelonging

During the sessions, Ms. Brown sits down one-on-one with each student to review her role as the school counselor and where they can find her office in the building. Students then share some of their favorite things with Ms. Brown before she gives each student a note letting them know that "Ms. Brown is Always in Town" to help them in any way she can! Great work, Ms. Brown!

Pictured: Ms. Brown wraps up one of her Minute Meetings with Aryanna Matlakala-Smiley!

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