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Merion Elementary School


Merion Third Graders Cap Off Year With Arcade Game Fun

Game arcades aren't just for summer fun on the boardwalk.

Merion third graders put their STEM skills to work at the end of the school year by constructing their own arcade games from recycled materials. Then, they tested out their creations at the 3rd Annual Mustang Arcade!  

The arcade was set up outside the school. Students gave out handmade tickets and prizes while enjoying the opportunity to check out each other’s games! Even Dr. Albanese tried his luck at the various versions of pinball, mazes, skee-ball and more.

The Mustang Arcade was inspired by a 2012 documentary called “Caine’s Arcade,” which tells the story of 9-year-old named Caine who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad’s auto shop.  

Caine’s dream of having customers came true when a random auto shop customer's act of kindness rallied hundreds of community members to surprise Caine with a customer flash mob!  

To see photos from the Mustang Arcade, click through the slide show below. 

Several students gather around a pinball game made of cardboard
Dr. Albanese joins students in trying out the arcade games they made
Several students stand around one of the games
Dr. Albanese looks at one of many games lined up outside the school
Several students try a game made of a cardboard box with tubes coming out of it
Two students show off a colorful game featuring cups.
Dr. Albanese joins students trying a pinball game
Several students gather around a game that's painted purple.
Dr. Albanese kneels with students by the pinball game.
Students try a maze game made of several boxes
A group of student show off their arcade game.
Several students pose with their arcade game.
A group of students smiles near one of the games.
Four students near a game made of several cardboard boxes
Students having fun along the school wall.
A student tries a game with prizes next to it.