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Merion Elementary School


Merion Muse Takes on the News!

A group of Merion Elementary School fourth graders recently released the latest edition of the Merion Muse, the Mustangs’ very own school newspaper, which features tons of engaging, educational and entertaining content covering a wide range of topics!

The 46 students who collaborated to create this Pulitzer Prize-worthy periodical began working in November to compile the impressive array of articles found in this issue, which includes both school and local news, interviews with staff members, how-to’s, comics, articles on pop culture, science, consumerism, sports and so much more! The young journalists brainstormed story ideas, did their own research and reporting, and then worked through multiple drafts to produce their finished pieces.

During club meetings, students learn the basics of journalism, from crafting copy and peer-editing to layout and design, and everything in between! Along the way, the students also had the opportunity to hear from several guest speakers from the journalism world as well as a visit from the editors of the Lower Merion High School's award-winning school paper, The Merionite. (Seen below.)

Some headlines of note (among many) from this edition include:

  • What If Our Teachers Weren’t Teachers? A Look at Other Jobs Our Teachers Might Have Chosen
  • Homework at Merion: Everything You Need to Know
  • What’s Happening in the Teacher’s Lounge?
  • Why Do We Play the Recorder?
  • Trendspotting: Dragons or Unicorns – The Ultimate Question
  • SPACE: The Most Unknown Place in the Universe
  • The Early Life of Garlic
  • How to Make Fluffy Slime

Thank you to the Merion Home & School Association (HSA) for their support and funding that made this awesome opportunity possible!