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Merion Elementary School



Black and white photo of Merion Elementary

Merion Elementary School is located at 549 South Bowman Ave., Merion Station. It is a native stone one-story school built in 1925 by architect Walter Smedley and Bowden Construction Co.

In 1928 a second story was added by the pairing of architect Ralph E. White and William M. McBride & Co. Building. In 1939 the site sprawled over five and three-quarter acres. During this time, Mary M. Rohrer was principal and there was a teaching staff of fourteen for grades K-6. Further additions and renovations were made in 1971 by leading architects Ewing, Cole, Erdman & Eubank.

Tragedy struck in 1991 when the playground was the site of a plane/helicopter crash. Most recently in 2003-2004, major renovations went under way in order to modernize and optimize the educational capacities of the school. This construction was headed by the architects at Kelly/Maiello, Inc.

Information Courtesy of the Lower Merion Historical Society