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Merion Elementary School


Facts & Stats

Mural on the wall at Merion.

Year Opened: 1925; renovations in 1928, 1972, 1990 and 2005.

Grade Levels: K-4

Type of School: Public

Number of Students: 448

Number of Staff: 86; 50 instructional staff

Campus Net Acreage: 8.25 acres

Facilities: Multi-purpose gymnasium, cafeteria, specialized learning support classrooms, library/media center, playground, auditorium, playing fields.

Percentage of Minority Students: 26% (2% African-American, 15% Asian/Asian-American, 9% Latino/Hispanic)

Fun Facts: Merion was the pilot school for open forum classrooms in the 1970's. Merion's mascot is the mustang. The school colors are red and white.