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           CLASS of 2021 (Seniors) – (Sponsors / Ms. Nigro & Mr. Clark

           CLASS of 2022 (Juniors) – (Sponsors / Mr. Feeney & Ms. Mellet - The class of 2022 is coming in hot to kick off their junior year at LMHS.  With our minds on PROM and the hope of future class gatherings, we will be organizing fundraising events to support the class.  Our upcoming elections will soon determine the class officers and we are excited to make junior year a great one!

           CLASS of 2023 (Sophomores) – (Sponsors / Ms. Dolente & Ms. Rehak - As faculty advisors to the class of 2023, we are working to promote a positive culture at the high school and raise money for events that bring students together.  In doing so we hope to build a school environment that thrives for all students at Lower Merion. We will be holding various events and fundraisers throughout the year.

           CLASS of 2024 (Freshman) – (Sponsors / Mr. Allen & Ms. Hampton - As the faculty sponsors for the Class of 2024, it is our mission to advise the class officers and support the entire class in their efforts to bond together and develop school spirit.  We will work with this class to raise funds and plan school activities.   Access the Class of 2024 site for class information.



AGSA (All Genders and Sexualities Alliance) -  (Sponsors / Mr. Bomze - & Ms. Christman - - The purpose of this club is to provide educational and supportive services to gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered students and their straight allies. Activities include speakers, movies, discussions, and trips to city-wide GSA meetings in Philadelphia. 

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - (Sponsor / Ms. Clark -  - Amnesty works towards the amendment of human rights violations worldwide. Members write letters to foreign dignitaries, have political discussions, watch films, make posters, raise money and attend local events. The club meets every two weeks in the sponsor's room.

ART FORUM - (Sponsor /   Mr.    Hazel -  - The Art Forum is a club whose members enjoy viewing, discussing, and making ART. Gatherings are held each week and involve studio experiences/production, meeting and talking with artists, and exploring galleries and museums. The club supports outreach projects to heighten awareness of the Visual Arts in our community. When conditions allow, field trips are planned by the student Board of Directors.

B.A.R.K.  -  (Sponsor / Mr. Kline  - - The club is designed to create more awareness for the proper treatment and care for animals.  We will have occasional collections for animal shelters and entertain guest speakers/presenters to inform the school of local shelters and any other current information pertaining to the kind/safe treatment of animals. 

BEST BUDDIES - (Sponsor /   Ms . Vallieres  - & Ms. VanHorn -  )  -  Lower Merion's Best Buddies Chapter provides students with developmental and intellectual differences an opportunity to be matched with a peer with typical abilities from their school community.  This match offers both peers the opportunity to build lasting friendships that continue after high school.  Best Buddies main purpose is to socialize beyond the school community.  Many peer relationships enjoy time on the phone, texting, going to the movies, sporting events or walking through Suburban Square for a Saturday lunch.   There are mandatory 1 time per month group activities and computer log-in requirements. 

BLACK STUDENT UNION -   (Sponsor /   Mr . Goodwin  -  -   The BLACK Student Union at Lower Merion High School, serves as the unifying organization that represents BIPOC organizations and BIPOC students. BSU is charged with ensuring the well being of the BLACK community at LMHS, creating a safe space for BLACK students, engaging in DEI issues that affect the BLACK community on campus and at-large, and organizing action plans that serve the BIPOC community. Serving as a safe space for BLACK students in our school community.

buildOn - (Sponsor /  Mr. Reed -  - buildOn is focused on the accomplishment of three goals. First, providing community service to the Lower Merion community and entire Philadelphia region. During the 2011/2012 school year, buildOn members provided close to 4,500 hours of community service. Second, buildOn is committed to the global education of its members. This education is not only intended to raise awareness of problems and challenges facing our world today, but to give guidance in finding solutions. And third, buildOn members participate in a program called Trek to both finance and build schools in the developing world. The Lower Merion High School buildOn Trek team raised over $70,000 throughout the 2011/2012 school year to finance the construction of a school in Haiti and then traveled to the village of Taverne for two weeks in May of the same school year to work alongside the community building it.

CHESS CLUB -  (Sponsor /    Mr. Swope - - The Chess Club provides participants with the opportunity to improve their chess skills through both practice and competition in the Main Line Chess League. Both individual and team competitions are stressed and the club meets weekly in the sponsor's room for matches and practice.

CULINARY ARTS CLUB - (Sponsor /    Ms. Gorman - -    **The Culinary Arts Club will resume when the students are able to return to the building... meeting dates / times are TBD...**   This club is open to all students. No cooking experience is necessary, just a love of cooking and food. The club's objective is to provide students with hands on experience in the culinary industry. Students will organize some fundraisers, but will spend the majority of the time COOKING a variety of foods from around the world. The club meets approximately once a month.


(ASIAN) – (Sponsor / Ms. Fireman – is a club that strives to spread and celebrate all aspects of Asian culture. The club is open to anyone with an enthusiasm for appreciating and/or would like to gain more knowledge in Asian food, media, holidays, and much more. Club activities can range from light-hearted activities such as cooking, watching movies or shows, and Chinatown trips, to more in-depth discussions about the Asian American identity and possible volunteer work or activism opportunities. Meeting dates and times TBD, held via Zoom until a return to school.

(French): (Sponsor / Ms. Vargas - - The goal of the French Club is to encourage an appreciation and interest in French culture. Membership is not restricted to French Language students. We enjoy French cooking, music, cinema, art, and language. French Club meets monthly for officers and monthly for general membership.

(Israel):   (Sponsor / Mr. Levy - - The Israel Culture Club gives students the opportunity to learn about and explore the culture of Israel. Guest speakers, field trips to Israeli restaurants, movies, discussions, and fun are some of the activities this new group has planned. Students of all cultures are welcome. This student run group meets about once every three weeks.

(Classics/ former Latin):  (Sponsor / Ms. DeFazio - - The Latin Club promotes and expands understanding of the ancient Greco-Roman world and Latin language. Membership is not restricted to Latin language students. We play games, celebrate festivals, and interact to share our knowledge and enjoyment of ancient culture. Latin Club offers a service component where members are invited to tutor Latin students at Bala Cynwyd Middle school. Club meets roughly twice a month.

(Spanish):  (Sponsor / Ms. Nemoy - - The goal of the LMHS Spanish club is to provide exposure to the Hispanic culture, promote Latino diversity and create awareness and sensitive to cultural differences, in both the school setting and in the broad community. The club is open to all students, even those who do not study/speak Spanish. We hope to increase their love for Hispanic culture, by exposing them to activities such as eating in authentic restaurants, learning Spanish dances, making piñatas, watching Spanish movies and taking trips to Hispanic neighborhoods in Philadelphia to interact with native speakers. Meeting dates and times TBD.

DANCE TEAM -  (Sponsor / Ms. Weaver - -    The Lower Merion Dance Team is made up of devoted students who enjoy various types of dance and performing. The team practices regularly throughout the year. The dance team performs at both boys and girls athletic events, as well as other school related functions.

DAWGMA – (Sponsor / Mr. Lavery – Lower Merion’s competition robotics team. DAWGMA allows students an opportunity to work alongside professional mentors to use their STEM skills in competition environments, competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition and VEX Robotics Competition. Aspects of the team include programming, electronics, CAD, design, fabrication, digital media, business, community outreach, and data analytics.

DEBATE TEAM - (Sponsor / Mr. Levy - - The Debate Team will compete in Lincoln-Douglas Debate in monthly tournaments against local teams. There will be opportunities to compete in state and national tournaments also. Beginners welcome to learn this interesting and philosophical debate format.

DECA - (Distributive Education Clubs of America) - (Sponsor / Mr. Capkin -  is an association of marketing students that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions. Each competition includes a written test over business and marketing information, as well as two role-playing, problem solving events. Students are judged on the basis of their ability to develop and communicate sound, creative, and thorough solutions to the problem situations.

DOLPHIN (Literary Magazine) - (Sponsor  /  Ms.  Shannon  - -  The Dolphin is Lower Merion's student-run literary club and magazine. Students meet throughout the year to read, discuss, and examine literary works of peers, while developing their own writing skills. Poetry, prose and art are collected and published on both The Dolphin  website and in the yearly print edition.

DRILL TEAM - (Sponsor /  Ms.   McDuffy  -    The Lower Merion Drill Team builds school spirit by performing synchronized drills, step, and dance routines at pep rallies, sports contests, and community functions throughout the year. The Drill Team also has a Drum Line component of six percussionists. Members enjoy social events and work as a team on community service projects.  The club meets Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 3:30-  5:00 PM.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB - (Sponsor / Mr. Clark - Members of the Environmental Club motivate students in the LM community to commit themselves to a life of earth friendly behavior and to raise student awareness of environmental issues in and around our community and the world. This is accomplished through fundraisers, field trips, guest speakers focused on current issues, community service activities, stream testing, environmental awareness programs given at elementary schools, and more. Club meetings are TBD for the 2020/2021 school year.

FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY CLUBS - (Sponsor / Mr. Mays - & Mr. Walsh - -The purpose of the Film & Photography Club is to provide a forum, instruction, and community to the students at Lower Merion, as well as introduce new media to other artists here that may never have explored film & photography before. The students in the club participate in all aspects of video and film projects. They are involved in writing, editing, directing, acting, filming, and producing original works. The Film Club is open to all interested students and meets regularly throughout the year: approximately once/week in the first semester and several times/week in the second semester during film production. All Film Club members partake in a public showing of their work at least once per school year. Club meetings vary.

FLOWER SHOW -  (Sponsor / Ms. Freeland -  - The Flower Show group consists of student volunteers who work sporadically through the spring and fall to create an idea for Lower Merion's exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show held during the first week of March. Notices are placed in the Daily Notes announcing upcoming meetings. We assemble our exhibit at the Convention Center for all to enjoy! Club meetings vary.

I WILL BREATHE LOWER MERION – (Sponsor Ms. McDermott – our focus is to have a space to tackle resource inequalities in the schooling system. This club will involve investigating the causes of classist education and searching and advocating for reform. 

INSPIRE CLUB - (Sponsor /   Ms. Johnson - - The Inspire Club at Lower Merion High School seeks to provide timely inspiration, promote the mental health of the student body, and to motivate students with positive affirmations that encourage learning, friendship, and service. Meetings occur bi-weekly during Lunch & Learn to discuss themes & distribution and address any pressing issues. We hope to expand the scope of our club to promote the core values of our school through collaboration with other districts, inspirational speaker visits, and community based activities.

LM KINDNESS -  (Sponsor / Mrs. Marita Williams - - The purpose of the student-led  LMKP is to plant seeds of kindness and create positive environments by fundraising for important community causes, doing service projects, and collecting donations for the benefit of those in our LMHS  community and the community of Lower Merion Township. The club meets 2-3x per month typically during school hours.

LMHS TV -  (Sponsor / Mr. Seibert - - Club participants act as on-air personalities, camera-persons, video editors and spotters necessary to broadcast select LMHS events. Additionally, students will develop announcements and news broadcasts, which will be viewable by the community and students via our LMHS webpage and internal video system.

MARINE BIOLOGY CLUB – (Sponsor / Ms. Campbell – - The club will allow students interested in the topic to explore it in more depth. It will bring awareness to current problems in the marine ecosystem. It is also a way for impassioned students to come together to protect the dying oceans; this could be done by spreading awareness, working to reduce our school’s plastic use, raising money for charities, etc. Also, through guest speakers and topics that the club would explore, members can be exposed to various job opportunities in the field and gain a better understanding of what a career in marine biology could entail.

MATH CLUB: MU ALPHA THETA - (Sponsor / Mr. Hawkins - - The Math Club is dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school. Math is a recreational activity! We take part in a number of home and away competitions. We will pose, explore and play with diverse problems. Membership Club meetings vary with competitions and activities. We also host LIMT – The Lower Merion Invitational Math Tournament for Middle Schools for greater Philadelphia Middle Schools.

MERIONITE - (Sponsor / Mr. Henneberry - - The Merionite has been Lower Merion High School's student-run newspaper dating back to 1920. Members contribute in a variety of ways to the writing, editing, design and production of the monthly publication and corresponding website. Students serve as editors, reporters, artists, photographers, fundraisers and technology coordinators. Merionite meetings are ongoing throughout the year as publications dictate.

MOCK TRIAL - (Sponsor / Mr. Monroe - - The purpose of Mock Trial is to promote an understanding of law, the rights of individuals under law, courtroom procedures and etiquette, and healthy competition. "Cases" are prepared and presented for both the Prosecution/Plaintiff and Defense sides in courtrooms at the Montgomery County Courthouse, with professional lawyers and judges overseeing the proceedings. Mock Trial Club meetings are held on Monday afternoons once the new case is published (usually late October); Wednesday meetings are added during winter months to perfect case analysis and presentation.


(Jazz Band)  - (Sponsor / Mr. Neu - -  The LM jazz band is a standard size jazz band that meets once a week to rehearse and perform jazz music of all styles and eras. "The band is open by audition to any LM student who is participating in another class or ensemble within the LM music department." The band creates a musically challenging environment using standard jazz repertoire while encouraging high levels of performance. The ensemble performs at events both in and out of school, including festivals and adjudications. The band has weekly practices.

(LM A Cappella)     - (Sponsor / Mr. Hunnex - - Lower Merion A Cappella exists to create an outlet for talented vocalists in the Lower Merion High School music department. Through experiences in performances and rehearsals, students will learn professional conduct and courtesy, striving for excellence while representing LM. Groups and formats change from year to year to give students experience in a variety of a cappella ensembles. Audition required. Contact Mr. Hunnex for more information.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY -  (Sponsor  /  Ms. Kail  -  -    NHS is an organization made up of students recognized by the Lower Merion Faculty who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of academics, character, leadership, and service. Juniors and Seniors are selected for membership. Induction ceremonies occur every year in the spring. NHS members serve as peer tutors and mentors.   National Honor Society offers tutoring in all subjects to all of our students.  To access a tutoring request form please click on this link:  

NSBE – (Sponsor / Mr. Bantoe – - NSBE is a club that seeks to positively impact our global engineering communities by focusing on advancing the underrepresented ethnic minority population, in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Students from Lower Merion High School and Harriton make up the club.  The club meets on Thursdays at Harriton with meetings usually running from early October to the end of May.  We spend the bulk of that time preparing for competitions in VEX Robotics, Ten80 Race Engineering, a windmill development contest as well as Math competition for high schools students that is held at the Annual National Convention in March.  Students take part in similar competitions at the Fall Regional Conference as well.  In addition to preparing for our various competitions, students also spend time visiting with our Mentor chapter at Villanova University engaged in various engineering activities while interacting with Villanova students and faculty.  Some members of the club also spend time volunteering at Gladwyne, Belmont Hills, and Penn Valley mentoring students in grades 3-5 and leading them through various STEM activities.   

PHYSICS CLUB - (Sponsor / Mr. Elder -  - The purpose of the Physics Club at Lower Merion High School is to share our passion for physics with other students at Lower Merion and expand on the physics knowledge that is taught in high school, whether it is through Physics Olympiad problems or discussing interesting physics topics that are pertinent to today’s society. 

PLAYERS (Theatre) -   (Sponsor / Mr. Grace  -  -  PLAYERS is one of LM's largest activities. It is a student-run theatre organization that produces three shows a year- musical, drama and comedy. For those of you who don't Act, don't fear! PLAYERS' production and technical crews design Lights, Scenery, Costumes, Publicity, Sound, Make-up and Props- in other words, students do EVERYTHING for each show.

PROGRAMMING CLUB – (Sponsor / Mr. Swope –  The programming club plans and attends events that encourage students to start or continue their study in the field of Computer Sciences. These events include codeLM, girls.hack(“LM”), and teaching computer science at Bala Cynwyd Middle School.

PUBLIC HEALTH CLUB - (Sponsor / Ms. Murphy – – The purpose of the club is to encourage research, education, and awareness of local and global public health issues and further to the interest of students who have a passion for science and history or to those who like learning about global health issues. The club meeting dates and times will be posted on the LM Activities Blackboard. 

S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) -  (Sponsor / Dr. Rivoire  S.A.D.D.    originally known as Students Against Drunk Driving, was created to assist students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the myriad number of issues confronting teenagers today. The club is for students who want to discuss issues  to  help both themselves and peers to stay healthy--physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially--and to help everyone make healthful and  responsible decisions. Club meetings vary.

S.A.G.E. (Student Activists for Greater Equality) -  (Sponsor / Ms. Steibitz  The club's missions statement: to promote awareness, discussion, and advocacy among peer groups in the Lower Merion school community about social justice issues such as: gender   equality, LGBTQ+ rights, race, ethnicity, class,  disability, sexual violence prevention and support.   The club hosts student-let meetings (via Zoom) to discuss a range of topics and current events.  In-person meetings will resume once students are back in the school building - dates/times TBD.   The club's main event each year is a student-run conference to promote awareness and activism as it connects to our mission statement.  

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD - (Sponsors / Mr. Stettner -, Mr. Cronin –,  & Ms. Arleth – )  - Science Olympiad is a team of 25 to 40 students who have strong interests/abilities in the sciences - physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and engineering/construction. The team participates in 6 to 8 competitions annually with the goal of reaching the Nationals tournament in May.  These competitions are made up of 23 ‘events’ in which team members test their knowledge and constructed devices against teams from PA and other states. Meeting times and locations are TBD.

SCHOOL STORE - (Sponsor /  Tom Kline - - The Dawgs Den is responsible for the merchandizing needs of Lower Merion High School and its community. Students who are interested in business, design, marketing, management, and/or retail, may be interested in being part of the school store.

ONLINE SCHOOL STORE NOW OPEN – order through November 20, 20202. 

SECOND STAGE – (Sponsor / Ms. Shannon – - Second Stage hosts monthly open mics, providing a space for people to share their creative pursuits with a small group of people. Past performances, include, but are not limited to, original  songs, poems, and stand-up comedy. Second stage also hosts special creative guests, including teachers and outside artists.  Performers and all who enjoy performances are invited to Second Stage.

SERVICE LEAGUE - (Sponsor / Ms. Rosen - The Service League works for the benefit of both the School and community. Service to Lower Merion includes: sponsoring the annual club fair, acting as tour guides for guests, and providing gift wrapping for faculty at the holidays. Community activities include fundraisers for local charities such as the police canine unit and "Pennies for Patients", preparing meals at the Ronald McDonald House, collecting art supplies for schools that have none. Activities vary from year to year. The club is open to all students throughout the school year. Meetings are generally during the academic recovery period.

SPEECH CLUB - (Sponsor / Ms. Kail -  - Speech provides students with various opportunities for public speaking. The club meets 2 days per month during the school year and attends monthly tournaments where they compete in various events such as Humorous Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Dramatic Interpretation.

STAGE CREW / AV -  (Sponsor / Mr. Rigby - - This club provides assistance to school activities utilizing AV equipment or stage facilities.

STEM BUILDS – (Sponsor / Mr. Hawkins – The purpose of this club is to provide elementary school students with hands-on activities which they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. During these times of online learning, elementary school students lack the especially important hands-on activities that represent some of the most fundamental aspects of elementary school education. Therefore, this club was created to engage elementary school students with various STEM activities which they can enjoy at home using everyday materials that the club would organize and, if needed, deliver in kits. 

STUDENT COUNCIL - (Sponsors /  Ms. Freeland  - & Mr. Capkin  -  -    "We, the students of Lower Merion High School, in order to improve the academic and extracurricular aspects of our lives, foster positive change in the community, encourage school spirit, represent the needs and ideals of the Student Body to the administration, School Board of Directors, and the community at large, and to create a forum for student input, assert the existence and dedicate the purpose of Lower Merion Student Council.” (Student Council Constitution) Student Council meets on the third Thursday of the month in the LGI during 2nd lunch (meetings subject to change).  All students are welcome to attend every meeting; attendance will be taken.  To be an elected officer, candidates must attend at least half of the scheduled meetings during the school year.  Student Council has a Constitution that is periodically revised after discussion of changes during 3 consecutive meetings. 

TECHNOLOGY / ENGINEERING CLUB -  (Sponsors / Mr. Piotrowski - & Ms. Sand - - The main goal of this club is to promote technology literacy and engineering principles by giving students the opportunity to compete in local, state, and national design & engineering competitions. Students develop proficiencies in the technology problem solving process, team building and leadership skills. This club is affiliated with the Technology Student Association, FIRST Robotics and VEX Robotics. Meeting dates and times vary.

WORLD AFFAIRS FORUM/MODEL UNITED NATIONS   -  (Sponsor / Mr. Kelly - - The purpose of World Affairs Forum is to encourage students who are interested in international issues to broaden and deepen their interest. World Affairs Forum provides opportunities for this to happen through discussion during biweekly meetings in our school setting; Model United Nations provides students the opportunity to prepare for and participate in regional conferences periodically throughout the year. Our club also sponsors a Model UN conference allowing for student opportunities to participate in the planning, production, and conducting of a Model UN Conference.

YEARBOOK -  (Sponsor / Ms. Christman - - LM's yearbook, Enchiridion, is an excellent opportunity for creative and dedicated people. You create the pages that make up the yearbook's different sections: activities, academics, sports, student life, seniors and underclassmen. Photographers are needed as pictures are the backbone of a great yearbook. It is tons of fun, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort, dedication, and teamwork to put together.

Announcements of times and locations of meetings are published in the Daily Notes. If you want to join an extra-curricular activity in which students participate for at least an average of fifteen hours per week for a minimum of nine weeks, such as a play, you will be subject to the same eligibility requirements that apply to interscholastic sports.