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Important Information for Mentors

The Role of the Mentor

One of the adults that students work with during the Senior Project Process is a mentor. This person is an expert in a particular area of interest related to the student's essential question and will provide facilities or other support for the completion of the project. Students begin the experiential phase of the project in early May.

The role of a mentor is one of a wise and trusted guide who helps a student answer his/her essential question. While mentor's responsibilities do vary, in general, you will do the following:

  • Work with the student as he/she creates and researches his/her essential question for the senior project
  • Work with the student to design a schedule to meet the 70 hour requirement during which he/she researches his/her essential question during the experiential phase
  • Provide the student with resources and experiences through which the student researches his/her essential question.
  • Reach agreement with the student on expectations regarding attendance, attitude, quality of work and responsibilities
  • Encourage the student to challenge him/herself and take intellectual risks.
  • Give the student regular feedback on his/her performance and progress
  • Complete the Mentors Evaluation form provided by the student
  • Attest to the student's completion of the 70 hour requirement.
  • Notify the Senior Project Coordinator immediately if any concerns or problems arise.

View a letter to Project Mentors.

Mr. Eric Lynn
Senior Project Coordinator
Phone: 610-645-1810
315 E. Montgomery Ave., Ardmore, Pa. 19003