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Lower Merion High School


Important Facts

  • Lower Merion Senior Project formally starts in the second semester
  • The Senior Project is a .5 credit program that the student must pass to graduate
  • Students will be assigned a faculty advisor to guide them through the Senior Project process
  • Mandatory meetings with the faculty advisor will appear on the second semester schedules
  • A formal introduction to the Senior Project will be given at the beginning of the second semester
  • As in the past there will be a three week experiential phase of the project in May
  • Identifying a mentor is an essential part of the Senior Project. It is never too early to find a facilitator who will take interest in the student's project.
  • No group projects unless it is a true collaboration.
  • All Senior Projects must be school appropriate.
  • The Mentor may not be a member of the senior's family.
  • This site will be updated prior to the second semester formal beginning of the Senior Project.