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Lower Merion High School


Lower Merion High School Profile 2021-2022

Lower Merion School District
Nationally recognized for excellence in education

315 E. Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003

Phone: 610-645-1838

Fax: 610-658-8720

CEEB/ACT Code: 390105

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Dr. Khalid N. Mumin


Richard Marta

Supervisor of K-12 Counseling, Testing & Holistic Supports

Dr. Michael Johnson


Karen deFranco

Assistant Principal - Grade 9

Jon Fadely

Assistant Principal - Grade 12

Olufemi Fadeyibi

Assistant Principal - Grade 10

G. Scott Kilpatrick

Assistant Principal - Grade 11

Jason Stroup

Director - Athletics/Activities

Porsche Johnson


Darlene Mandarino

Counseling Secretary

School Counselors

Tasha Gesacion

School Counselor

Marsha Rosen

School Counselor, Department Chair

Eli Skinner

School Counselor

Jennifer Vallieres

School Counselor

Lower Merion School District serves the 62,000 residents of Lower Merion Township and Narberth Borough, a diverse, suburban community located just west of Philadelphia. The ethnic/racial composition of the school district is: 66% White/Caucasian, 8% Black/African-American, 12% Asian Pacific Islander, 5% Hispanic, and 9% Multi-Racial.

General Information

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Enrollment: 1637
  • Graduating Class: 381
  • Type of School: Public
  • Full time Faculty: 145
  • Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:11
  • Length of Semester: 18 Weeks
  • Class Periods: 55 minutes

While students are encouraged to grow academically, we counsel students to balance their course load with all their obligations outside and beyond the classroom.

Advanced Placement Courses

  • Art: 2D and 3D
  • Biology
  • Calculus: AB and BC
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science A
  • Principles of Economics: Macro, Micro
  • English: Language and Composition; Literature and Composition
  • Environmental Science
  • French Language
  • Human Geography
  • Latin
  • Music Theory
  • Physics 1
  • Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism; Mechanics
  • Psychology
  • Spanish Language
  • Statistics
  • United States History
  • United States Government/Politics

Calculation of Grade Point Average

Grade point average (GPA) is calculated at the end of each school year using only final grades in the five major academic areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. Honors, AP, and IB level courses are calculated on a weighted 5.0 scale and College Prep courses are calculated on a 4.0 scale. The GPA is reported on a weighted 5.0 scale.

Class Rank

No class rank is recorded on a student’s transcript.

Any institution may request in writing from the School Counseling Department the class rank of any student if class rank is required for admission to that school or needed for any scholarship program. The class rank reported is weighted and includes only major academic subject courses completed in grades 9-11.

Honors Courses


Advanced Ceramics and Metal Arts 3/4/5, Advanced Film Photography 3/4/5, Art 1/2/3, Communication Design 3/4/5, 9th grade Art


1/2/3; Creative Writing, Expression and Performance 1/2, Film and Literature, Heroes and Monsters: Classic British Lit, Journalism, Modern and Contemporary Literature, Reading and Writing NonFiction, Sports in Literature and Non-Fiction,Theater Arts: Drama Survey and Appreciation, Voices in African-American Literature and Non-Fiction


Algebra 2, Advanced Topics in Linear Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Computer Science 1/2, Computer Science Seminar, Geometry, Integrated Math 1/2/3, Pre-calculus, Senior Seminar, Visual Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (H), Cyber Security (H), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Concert Band, Concert Choir, Symphony Orchestra, Music Major


Architectural Design, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Foundations of Engineering and Design (Beg/Adv), Genetics, Geology, Human Anatomy/Physiology, Innovation and Invention Robotics, Landscape Architecture/Horticulture, Meteorology, Physics, Oceanography, Organic Chemistry

Social Studies

Black Excellence: The Politics, Economics, and Culture of an American People, Economics, Global Studies I , Global Studies II, Global Citizenship, Modern History through Media, Philosophy and Modern Culture, Psychology, U.S. Government, U.S. History

World Languages

French 1/2/3/4/5/6 (for Global Competence), Japanese 1/2, Latin 1/2/3/4/6, Spanish 1 (Spanish Speaker) Literature, 2/3/4/5/6 (for Global Competence)

All courses designated on the transcript by the word Honors or the letter H are accelerated and enriched.

Grading System

  • A+=97-100
  • A=93-96
  • A-=90-92
  • B+=87-89
  • B=83-86
  • B-=80-82
  • C+=77-79
  • C=73-76
  • C-=70-72
  • D+=67-69
  • D=63-66
  • D-=60-62
  • F=<60
  • Floor=50
  • I = Incomplete
  • M = Medical Excuse
  • WP = Withdrew Passing
  • WF = Withdrew Failing
  • P = Passing in Pass/Fail
  • F = Failing in Pass/Fail
  • AU = Audit (no credit)
  • NG = No Grade (no credit)

Minimum Graduation Requirements for Class of 2021

  • 4.00 credits of English (1 credit each year)
  • 4.00 credits of Social Studies (Global Studies I, Global Studies II, United States History, and United States Government)
  • 3.00 credits of Mathematics
  • 3.00 credits of Science
  • 2.00 credits of Arts and Humanities
  • 0.50 credits of Health
  • 1.00 credits of Physical Education (all four years)
  • 3.50 credits of Electives

A total of 21 credits are required, and completion of a Senior Project is mandatory.

Advanced Placement Exams (2021)

  • Total Candidates: 412
  • Total Exams: 851
  • Grades of 5: 212
  • Grades of 4: 237
  • Grades of 3: 203

84% of all AP exam scores were 3, 4, or 5

Total exam score average of 3.5

National Merit, National Achievement Scholarship Program and National Hispanic Recognition Program (2021)

  • Finalists: 24
  • Semifinalists: 24
  • Commended: 24

On average more than 14% of each graduating class is recognized by the National Merit Program.

ACT Summary (2021)

Test Middle 50% Mean
English 25-34 29.5
Math 25-34 28.4
Reading 24-34 29.2
Science 25-34 28.7
STEM 25-33 28.2
Composite 25-33 28.8

SAT Summary (2021)

Section Middle 50% Mean
Reading & Writing 600-710 644
Mathematics 580-730 644
Total 1170-1440 1288

Continuing Education

Approximately 90% of Lower Merion High School graduates continue a program of higher education. Approximately 85% of the class enroll in 4 year colleges, 5% in 2 year colleges. The 10% that do not attend higher education enroll in the military, participate in a gap year, attend a career school, or are employed full-time.

A Sampling of Colleges Attended by Harriton students (2021)

Amherst, Boston C, Bucknell University, Carnegie Mellon, Champlain, Clemson, Colby, College of William and Mary, Colorado College, Cornell, CIA, DCCC, Drexel, Emerson, FIT, Florida Atlantic, F&M, GWU, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, Hawaii Pacific, Howard, Indiana U, Jefferson, Lehigh, Loyola Chicago, Loyola New Orleans, Manhattan School of Music, Millsaps, MCCC, Morgan State, Mount Holyoke, NYU, NC State, Northeastern, Northwestern, Occidental, Old Dominion, Penn State, Princeton, Purdue, RPI, RISD, RIT, Saint Joseph’s, Skidmore, Smith, Stanford, Temple, The New School, Tufts, Tulane, US Air Force Academy, US Naval Academy, Universities of Arizona, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, Colorado/Boulder, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii/Manoa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina/Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, the Sciences, South Carolina, Tampa, Vermont, Virginia, Ursinus College, Vanderbilt, Villanova University, VCU, Wagner, Wake Forest, West Chester, and Yale.

Students from the Class of 2021 are also attending universities in the following countries: Canada-Concordia University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo; Colombia-Universidad de Los Andes; England-University of Roehampton; Israel-IDC Herzliya University; Japan-Temple University Japan; New ZealandAuckland University of Technology; and The Netherlands-Han University and the University of Groningen.

University of the Sciences dual Enrollment

Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to earn college credit through the dual enrollment program. College credit is offered in Introduction to Marketing Management (3 credits), and Introduction to Business Seminar (2 credits).

Recent Awards and Accomplishments

The National Merit Scholarship Competition named 33 LMSD students as Semifinalists and 39 LMSD students as Commended Scholars. 24 students from Lower Merion High School and nine students from Harriton High School were named National Merit Finalists. Seven LMSD students won National Merit Scholarships.

Lower Merion High School’s Science Olympiad team won the 2021 State Championship, with Harriton’s team coming in a close second. The two teams will comprised Pennsylvania’s delegation to the national competition.

Lower Merion High School math teacher, William Hawkins, won the 2020 Edyth May Sliffe Award from the MAA American Mathematics Competitions for his outstanding work motivating students.

Lower Merion High School’s Alex Zhang was named a top-300 scholar in the 80th Annual Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) – the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics competition for high school seniors.

Lower Merion High School’s boys’ tennis team won the PIAA 3A State championship. The LMHS girls’ soccer and boys’ cross county teams won Central Athletic League championships. The boys’ basketball team won the PIAA District 1 championship. Wrestler Jack Lledo won the Central League, District 1 and Southeast Regional championships.

Lower Merion High School senior Thea Kerekes, founding president of the Philadelphia chapter of Helping the Hungry Virtually, was featured in a segment on the local news for her philanthropic work.