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Lower Merion High School


Who To Call?

Unsure who to call? This chart lists a variety of situations that can arise for high school students, and the first point of contact is the school. The check mark shows the first contact. In some cases, it’s useful to inform other staff members.

Out sick for day       X Call attendance; send note within 3 days 610-645-1898
Out sick for several days or more Optional Optional   X Same as above
Missing school for vacation   Optional   X submit request to Grade Level Assistant Principal for approval
Injury, on crutches/wheelchair Optional     SCHOOL NURSE
Concern about class scheduling X      
Concern about coursework/demands of course If needed X    
Questions about college X      
Concern or conflict w/teacher If needed X    
Complaint about a disciplinary issue in a class   X If needed  
Laptop mechanical problems
Experience a hardware issue, ex) battery drained
Forget your Google password
      X Visit the Tech Center if possible: Call the public helpdesk at 610-645-1899 & leave a voicemail
Laptop theft, damage, internet use, etc     X  
Problems with Naviance X      
Concern about transition to high school X      
Social concerns/unhappy at school X      
School-related incidents of bullying X   X  
Bus incident/fight/theft     X  
Sports questions or concerns   X   X Athletics & Activities Office
Extracurricular activities questions or concerns   X   X Athletics & Activities Office (if needed) 610-645-1820
Too little sleep/stressed X      
Change in behavior at home X      
Concerns about substance abuse X      
Mental health concerns X      
Death or loss in family X      
Change in the family (marriage, divorce, job loss) X      
Other family situation/confidential information X      
Question re: lunch account       X Nutrition Services #610-645-1934
Issue in Powerschool Login X     X Grade level Assistant:
9th- EXT 1998
10th-EXT 1832
11th-EXT 1855
12th-EXT 1834
Building Access-Space       X Athletic & Activities Office 610-645-1820
To report an anonymous tip if someone is in crisis/danger       If it is an emergency call 911
Otherwise, call Safe2SaySomething at 1-844-723-2729
To report bullying, harassment, social concerns

Lower Merion HS Phone Numbers

  • Attendance: 610-645-1898
  • School Counseling Office: 610-645-1838
  • School Nurse: 610-645-1848
  • Athletics & Activities Office: 610-645-1820
  • Technology Department: 610-645-1810


DonEl Brown

School Counselor

Miriam Collins

School Counselor

Jared Epler

Career & College Access Counselor

Tasha Gesacion

School Counselor

Marsha Rosen

School Counselor, Department Chair

Eli Skinner

School Counselor

Caroline Stief

Heath and Wellness Counselor

Jennifer Vallieres

School Counselor

Eugene Werley

School Counselor