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Lower Merion High School


Principal's Welcome

Mr. Sean Hughes, Principal

Dear LMHS Students, Parents & Guardians,

On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to Lower Merion High School!

Throughout my career at Lower Merion it has been our goal to help all students perform at their personal best and to feel connected to the positive experiences of this wonderful high school. I know firsthand that a successful school experience can build skills and confidence for future opportunities of personal and professional growth. With that in mind, I encourage our students to learn about and take advantage of what is offered at LMHS. We are fortunate to be part of a school community that not only provides us with outstanding curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, but values personal connections and shared learning experiences.

A new way in thinking about how public schools deliver education is taking shape throughout our country. At Lower Merion, discussions on this topic have been going on for quite some time, and some of the results can be seen through the goals of our new strategic plan. This plan, entitled All Forward, emphasizes the themes of re-defining student success, ensuring relevant, real-world learning experiences and connecting with the community and the world in unprecedented ways. To me, the plan specifically speaks to building an educational environment that encourages everyone to view student success through their creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. My hope is that every student welcomes this philosophy as they embrace and celebrate the many ways one can demonstrate individual growth.

To further support this environment and new plan, we have added more collaborative spaces throughout our building, changed the layout of some of our current student spaces, and made some modifications to our current bell schedule. One schedule change in recent years is the addition of a 'Lunch and Learn' period that allows students to be more responsible for their learning. The idea to incorporate this period came from student feedback over the years requesting more time during the day to meet with teachers and other students, to get work done, and to pursue other interests. Students have taken ownership of this opportunity to get extra help, host club meetings, launch a guest speaker series and spend time with friends.

Our message to students is straightforward: be on time and arrive ready to learn every day, develop good study and organizational habits, ask questions, address concerns earlier rather than later, and challenge yourself to do your best in every class you take. Most importantly, be a person of high character. Good things happen to people who treat others with dignity and respect, who work hard and are appreciative of the opportunities afforded to them. The staff will do everything in its power to support student success; we view student learning and growth as an active, ongoing partnership.

I am honored to be the Principal of Lower Merion High School and look forward to serving the students, staff, parents, and community. Best wishes for a wonderful school year!


Sean Hughes