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Update on LMSD's Equity and Anti-Racism Work
Update on LMSD's Equity and Anti-Racism Work

Dear LMSD Families,

Before we begin our much-anticipated winter break, I wanted to share some important updates with you regarding our District's ongoing Equity and Anti-Racism work. You can get an overview of this work by visiting the Equity page of the District website at

Equity Director

Dr. Kristina Ayers Paul, who served as special assistant to the superintendent for program evaluation, has moved on from LMSD to a new position. In her place, we are advertising for the position of Director of Diversity and Equity. We plan to hire a highly qualified individual who will coordinate LMSD's educational, employment and safety/security initiatives designed to provide equitable educational opportunities for students who have historically experienced opportunity or achievement gaps. The Director will monitor data related to these initiatives to ensure that new programs will be implemented as needed and inefficient or ineffective programs are eliminated. The Director will also coordinate communications regarding these efforts with stakeholders.

A full job description is available in the Employment section of the District website.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Continuous Improvement Study

We have also changed the name of what we had been calling our Equity Audit, which began in July 2021, after realizing that the word "audit" means different things to different people. Although we plan to capture blind spots, it is also important to acknowledge the successes, leverage existing opportunities and develop a road map for improvement. The study will still focus on the three primary areas: professional development opportunities; staff diversity, and hiring; and curriculum, instruction and pedagogy. We will also include a more intentional approach to engaging parents and the community as we move forward with this work.

Last month, two representatives of Education Northwest conducted a site visit, during which they met with administrators, educators, staff and a small group of community members to learn more about their experiences. The team also interviewed the District's HR personnel and visited a few schools to get a feel for the students' classroom experience. After that visit, they recommended:

  • Changing the name of the work as described above
  • Implementing a "digital suggestion box," which community members can access here.
  • A series of virtual "meet and greets" for community members to learn more about the study. These will be held in January and February and will be advertised after Winter Break.
  • Extending the timeline for the study through December 2022 to allow time for LMSD and Education Northwest to prepare multimedia research briefs on the study's finding and recommendations.

I am proud to serve as Superintendent of Schools for a District and School Board who are among the national leaders in ensuring that every student gets what they need to succeed. While there will always be work to be done in this area, LMSD is moving forward to ensure infinite possibilities of success for our children.


Khalid N. Mumin, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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