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Rams, Aces, Knights & Dragons Shine at National TSA Conference
Rams, Aces, Knights & Dragons Shine at National TSA Conference

Students from LMSD's four secondary schools recently made the trip to Dallas, Texas to participate in the Technology Student Association's National Conference where they competed against the top teams from throughout the United States.

The Harriton, Lower Merion, Bala Cynwyd and Welsh Valley contingents proudly represented the District as each team delivered an outstanding all-around performance combining for a staggering 40 top-ten placements, including an incredible nine first-place finishes!

"Discover Your Journey," the conference theme, reflected TSA's 44th year of work to promote personal development, leadership, and education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through intra-curricular activities, competitions, and other programs.

The Rams, Aces, Knights and Dragons once again demonstrated that their students are among the best in the nation when it comes to their STEM acumen! Congratulations to all of this year's participating students and their teacher-coaches!


Miles Gee, Will Reisner, Adam XuTech Bowl1st
Aditi KarhadkarEssays on Tech4th
Julie Wright, Ella Goodbinder, Adam Gilbert, Julia Merriam, Jeremy SenhVideo Game Design5th
Will Reisner, Julie Wright, Surya Penna, Adam Gilbert, Aditi Karhardkar, Elias CataniaChapter Team6th
Aditi Karhadkar, Maya Goldstein, Ella Goodbinder, Surya Penna, Andrew HanEngineering Design6th
Miles Gee, Adam Xu, Ravi SharmaMusic Production6th


Scientific Visualization1st
Technology Bowl3rd
Architectural Design5th
Data Science & Analytics5th
Geospatial Technology5th
Digital Video Production7th
Software Development8th
Chapter Team9th


Eloise Gerson, Arlene Kuri, Kenisha VermaBiotechnology1st
Eloise Gerson, Kenisha Verma, Ben YovelTechnology Bowl2nd
Andrew Freitag, Simon Nickerson, Ben YovelData Science & Analytics4th
Tyler Li, Cameron VossoughElectrical Applications4th
Sydney Lancaster, Ceci Petersson, Brennan VanMicrocontroller Design4th
Arlene Kuri, Sydney Lancaster, Ceci Petersson, Brennan VanMass Production5th
Niya Agrahar, Ceci Petersson, Brennan VanMechanical Engineering6th
Stephen KondavetiCareer Prep9th
Matthew Ives, Simon JoengCoding10th
Andrew Freitag, Stephen Kondaveti, Arlene Kuri, Simon Nickerson, Anjolaoluwa Oguntunde, Ethan WongChapter Team10th
Niya Agrahar, Kenisha Verma, Ben YovelLeadership Strategies10th


Clara Loiter, Noam BrodetzkiElectrical Applications1st
Noam Brodetzki, Leevi Toikka, Allison TanTech Bowl1st
Anna Zhang, Allison Tan, Leevi ToikkaMedical Technology2nd
Anna Zhang, Julia Paulat, Noam Brodetzki, Leevi Toikka, Sam FerenchickBiotechnology4th
Anna Zhang, Lowell HoffmanChallenging Tech Issues4th
Anna Zhang, Ariana Rostami, Allison Tan, Lowell HoffmanInventions & Innovations4th
Sam FerenchickCareer Prep5th
Lowell Hoffman, Keano Tsao, Anna Zhang, Kaylee Gould, Eva RompolasConstruction Challenge5th
Leevi Toikka, Jordan Stanridge, Clara Loiter, Kaylee Gould, Keano Tsao, Julia PaulatChapter Team6th
Sam Ferenchick, Noam Brodetzki, Clara Loiter, Ariana Rostami, Allison Tan, Lily BoonnCommunity Service Video6th
Julia Paulat, Keano Tsao, Sam FerenchickLeadership Strategies9th
Max Niescior, Jordan Stanridge, Natalie Goldstein, Lowell HoffmanMicrocontroller Design9th
Lily Boonn, Clara Loiter, Max NiesciorMedical Technology10th

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