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Lower Merion, Harriton Science Olympiads Take Top-Two Spots at States
Lower Merion, Harriton Science Olympiads Take Top-Two Spots at States

The top Science Olympiad teams from throughout the Keystone state recently gathered online to virtually participate in the 2021 Pennsylvania Science Olympiad Championships with a state title, along with two bids to the National Competition, on the line. When it was all said and done, Lower Merion High School finished atop the standings to claim this year's state crown followed close behind by their District counterpart, Harriton High School. With their respective top-two placements, the Aces and Rams claimed both of Pennsylvania's available bids to Nationals, which will take place May 17-21, 2021.

Lower Merion and Harriton delivered a pair of outstanding all-around performances throughout the tournament, but it was the Aces who recorded one of the best showings in school history, earning 15 top-three placements and eight first-place finishes, en route to winning the third state title in the history of the program. The Rams' strong performance was comprised of 11 top-three placements and five first-place finishes.

This has been a difficult year for the entire Science Olympiad community as all events, competitions and much of teams' preparations were forced to go virtual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the 2020-21 season was especially trying for Lower Merion as longtime coach Mike Stettner suddenly passed away this past February. Mr. Stettner, who joined the LMHS faculty in 1995 and spent his career educating high school students in earth sciences, loved his students and found great joy in coaching Science Olympiad. While at the helm, Mr. Stettner helped pilot the program to a pair of state titles, tremendous success at the local and regional levels, and several appearances at the National competition. Despite the devastating loss, the team decided to continue their season in honor of Mr. Stettner. It was only fitting that the Aces went on to record one of the best seasons in school history.

Mike Stettner

Both Lower Merion and Harriton will now shift their focus to next month as they make their final preparations for the National Competition. Best of luck to the Aces and Rams!

LMHS Science Olympiad Members: Alexander Nikolov, Lillian Abella, Amy Huang, Michael Aizenburg, Anika Xi, Bowen Ying, Emily Shang, Genevieve Oliver, Ivan Sanchez, Emily Zhang, Eric Yang, Busra Coskun, Sylvia Whang, Anela Ge, Jonathan Zhang, Peregrine Wetherbee, Lily Guo, Nathan Gooneratne, Noa Cutler, William Wei, Owen Wetherbee, Charlotte Jacobson, Sasha Murray, Adrien Van Rawley, Teresa Lu-Romeo, Vyomini Vakil, George Lauri, Sadie Liebo, Alan Chen, David Liu, Anwen Underwood, Harper Segal, Liam Knudsen, Vishnupriya Muvvala, Nathan Donagi, Ritsu Nakagwa, Orestis Narliotis, Francesca Palaypayon

Co-Head Coaches: Kim Arleth & Pat Cronin

Assistant Coach: Andrew Samulewics

Anatomy & PhysiologyIvan Sanchez, Vyomini Vakil1st
AstronomyJonathan Zhang, Teresa Lu-Romeo1st
Designer GenesEmily Shang, Sasha Murray1st
Detector BuildingBowen Ying, Owen Wetherbee1st
ForensicsEmily Shang, Lil Guo1st
MachinesBowen Ying, Owen Wetherbee1st
Protein ModelingEmily Shang, Sasha Murray, Teresa Lu-Romeo1st
Sounds of MusicBowen Ying, Teresa Lu-Romeo1st
Chem LabBowen Ying, Owen Wetherbee2nd
Circuit LabBowen Ying, Owen Wetherbee2nd
CodebustersJonathan Zhang, Lily Guo, Teresa Lu-Romeo2nd
OrnithologyAnika Xi, Noa Cutler2nd
Water QualityAmy Huang, Lily Guo2nd
Disease DetectivesAmy Huang, Sasha Murray3rd
Experimental DesignAnika Xi, Genevieve Oliver, Lily Guo3rd
Geologic MappingAlexander Nikolov, Teresa Lu-Romeo5th
Home Horticulture Science*Anwen Underwood, Liam Knudsen5th
Dynamic PlanetAmy Huang, Lily Guo8th
FossilsNoa Cutler9th
Gravity Vehicle*Alexander Nikolov, Noa Cutler10th
Cybersecurity*Anwen Underwood, Nathan Donagi12

*Trial Events that did not count towards overall score, but students still competed.

Harriton High School Results

Chemistry LabNina Hollin, Ray Ma1st
Dynamic PlanetHannah Gao, SydneyBlu Garcia-Yao1st
GeoLogic MappingHannah Gao, SydneyBlu Garcia-Yao1st
OrnithologyMaria Wang, Maria Persaud1st
Water QualityMaria Wang, SydneyBlu Garcia-Yao1st
Sounds of MusicAnya Jayantha, Sridhar Shenoy2nd
AstronomyNina Hollin, Miles Gee3rd
Circuit LabMaria Wang, Sophie Boulware3rd
CodebustersNina Hollin, Francis Fan, Ray Ma3rd
Detector BuildingSophie Boulware, Ray Ma3rd
FossilsMaria Wang, Hana Boulware3rd
Designer GenesClaire Yang, Clara Zhu4th
Disease DetectivesHanna Gao, Clara Zhu4th
Protein ModelingAnya Jayanthi, Claire Yang, Clara Zhu4th
Gravity Vehicle*Ray Ma3rd
Cybersecurity*Harry DeCecco, MIles Gee4th
Boomilever*Catherine Wan5th

*Trial Events that did not count towards overall score, but students still competed.

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