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LMHS Technology Student Association (TSA) shines at National Conference
LMHS Technology Student Association (TSA) shines at National Conference

Twenty-four students from Lower Merion High School's Technology Student Association (TSA) recently traveled to National Harbor, Maryland to participate in the 2019 National TSA Conference – an annual competition filled with challenging STEM-related events and activities that foster personal growth and leadership development. More than 250,000 TSA student members from schools throughout the United States compete in regional and state competitions during the year with the goal of qualifying for the National Conference.

The Aces turned in an outstanding all-around performance as they claimed five second-place finishes and two additional top-ten finishes at this year's event. Congratulations to LMHS TSA on an outstanding year and exemplary performance at Nationals! Please see below for a description of the Aces' top-ten performances!

Fashion Design and Technology2nd Place – An event meant to test design and fabric construction skills through designing, making, and modeling clothes while incorporating technological elements into the final product.

Team Members: Cate Roser, Claire Sun, Will De Santis, Harper Segal

Chapter Team – 2nd Place – Students take a test on Parliamentary Procedure and Robert's Rules of Order then perform a 15-minute business meeting with specific parameters according to parliamentary procedure, are judged by professional parliamentarians (think U.S. government, school board etc.)

Team Members: Sophie Yang, Elliot Ginzburg, Dhaval Sharma, Julian Ginzburg, Mona Vakil, Phillip Gao

Biotechnology Design – 2nd Place – Students made displays, models, and portfolios about biotechnological processes and were judged by industry professionals on accuracy, ingenuity, and presentation.

Team Members: Eric Yang, Sophie Yang, Chris De Santis, Max Serota, Elliot Ginzburg, Dhaval Sharma

Webmaster – 2nd Place - Students code a website according to a year by year theme concentrating on everything from back end architecture to user experience. Students also interview with computer scientists about both front and back end aspects of the website.

Team Members: Owen Wetherbee, Dhaval Sharma, Max Serota, Elliot Ginzburg, Julian Ginzburg

Technology Problem Solving – 2nd Place – Students compete against the clock with students from other schools in an on-site technology problem solving contest.

Team Members: Linda Liu and Lauryn Holgado

Children's Stories – Top 10 – This event asks students to create a book for children about a STEM topic within a set of given parameters and allows students to express their creativity through engineering new solutions in creating a compelling final product. Students integrate art, interactive technology, and storytelling into a published final product.

Team Members: Chris De Santis, Cate Roser, Will De Santis, Sophie Yang

Engineering Design – Top 10 – Students create a design and build a product to solve a unique problem, with this year's group creating solar-powered blinds.

Team Members: Elliot Ginzburg, Jack Shapiro, Jonathan Xu, Phillip Gao, Eric Yang, Julian Ginzburg

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