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LMHS students shine in National Latin Exam
LMHS students shine in National Latin Exam

Lower Merion High School Latin students recently participated in the National Latin Exam (NLE) and performed exceptionally well earning a total of 79 awards, including gold and silver medals at every level from Latin 1 through Advanced Placement (AP).

Three Latin 2 Honors students – Chris De Santis, Asher Dayanim and Bruno Fleischman Mayro - earned perfect scores and will receive special hand-lettered certificates for their efforts.

Eleventh grade students Nisha Arya, Joanna Gerber and Maya Levitan have been named recipients of the Maureen O'Donnell Oxford Classical Dictionary Award for earning gold medals in each of the four years they have taken the exam, while AP student Lisa Shore will receive the Carter Stubbs Drake Goad Memorial Award, an Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, for earning a gold medal in each of the five years she has taken the exam.

Despite the name of the "National" Latin Exam, the NLE is taken by students all around the world. This year, more than 135,000 students participated throughout 17 countries, including New Zealand, China, Belize, Germany, Singapore and Spain.

Juniors Nisha Arya, Maya Levitan and Joanna Gerber