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LMHS hosts World record-breaking Service effort
LMHS hosts World record-breaking Service effort

Lower Merion High School recently played host to a unique afternoon of service as hundreds of students, parents and community members gathered in the cafeteria with the goal of breaking the world record for "most backpacks filled with school supplies in one hour."

The event was organized by Nahjee Grant, an LMHS alumnus and founder of The World Was Made For You - a non-profit organization dedicated to serving people of all ages, color and backgrounds with a focus on education, homelessness, food/nutrition and poverty.

After months of planning and preparation, Grant, along with upwards of 300 volunteers, packed the cafeteria and formed assembly lines to most efficiently fill the backpacks. Members of the Lower Merion buildOn community team, Girl Scouts, parents, teachers and senior citizens were among those on-site lending a hand throughout the action-packed hour of service. When the sixty minutes were up, Grant and his army of volunteers had successfully filled all of the bags in the allotted time, not only earning their place in the Guinness Book of World Records, but more importantly providing necessary resources for students-in-need.

The backpacks will now be donated to schools and children throughout the Philadelphia area, including Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus, Lewis Elkin Elementary, Edward Gideon Elementary, Richard R. Wright Elementary, Stephen Girard School, Samuel Gompers School and Bethel Academy of Ardmore.

To view a slideshow of pictures from the event, click on the image below!

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