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LM Players' cast & crew shine in "Yerma"
LM Players' cast & crew shine in "Yerma"

The Lower Merion Players recently took to the stage during their spring production of Yerma by Federico García Lorca in a series of four shows in front of classmates, family, friends and community members.

Yerma, directed by LMHS senior Joanna Gerber, tells the story of a provincial Spanish woman's desperate desire to have a child. Set in 1934, the woman's barren state becomes an obsession and drives her to commit a crime.

"Above all, Yerma is a show about wanting – wanting something utterly unattainable, whether that's a loving marriage (as it is for Juan) or a child (for Yerma)," said Gerber in her Director's Note on the Lower Merion Players' website. "And we have all struggled with desire, a force which Lorca claims is unlike any other. Yerma highlights the unique struggle between jealousy and joy, craving something desperately while watching someone else delight in it."

"We so quickly antagonize those who spite us, but Yerma has shown me that the villains and the heroes aren't so clean cut – there are people who want nothing more than freedom and love, and their actions aspire to achieve that," continued Gerber. "In this show, like often in reality, the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys' cease to exist: there are simply people, trying their best to keep their lives under control. There is beauty in raw humanity."

Congratulations to the cast and crew on another outstanding production! To view a slideshow of pictures from their performances, click on the image below.

Lower Merion PLAYERS has existed since its 1965 origin as a student-run organization, providing a safe, artistic and enjoyable educational environment in which students can explore features of all types of theatrical productions, including reading and selection of plays and musicals, elements of scenic, costume and lighting design, direction and stage management.

PLAYERS strives to maintain its status as a student-run organization, with oversight by LMSD staff and artistic guidance from professionals from the Greater Philadelphia area theatre community, and with a board of student officers elected by their peers that participates fully and directly in making decisions that guide the organization.

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