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Letter to LMHS Parents/Guardians regarding Mid-Term Exams

January 2019

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

Midterm exams serve as the culmination of students' learning for the first semester and constitute 9% of a students' final grade. Because of their importance, we ask that you take a few moments to review the information listed below concerning this year's midterm exam administration. Please note that Midterm Exams will be given by set rather than by subject which means that the midterm exam will be administered by the course teacher and in the teachers own classroom. Please review the following information.

Midterm Exam Schedule 2018-19

Times TUES., JAN. 22 WED., JAN. 23 THU., JAN. 24 FRI., JAN. 25
7:45 – 9:15 AM Set 1 Midterm Exam Set 3 Midterm Exam Set 5 Midterm Exam Set 7 Midterm Exam
9:30 – 11:00 AM Set 2 Midterm Exam Set 4 Midterm Exam Set 6 Midterm Exam Set 8 Midterm Exam
11:10 AM Buses Depart Buses Depart Buses Depart Buses Depart
1:00 – 2:30 PM Make-ups/conflicts Make-ups/conflicts Make-ups/conflicts Make-ups/conflicts
  1. Students may only take their final exams during the dates listed above. Exceptions may be considered in extremely extenuating circumstances. If a student has a conflict he/she must do the following:
    1. Obtain an exam reschedule form from the appropriate grade level office.
    2. Complete the form and have it signed by a parent no later than Friday, January 18. No requests will be granted after January 18.
    3. Bring it to the grade level office and submit it to the grade level assistant principal. All requests will be reviewed by the administration.
    4. If administrative approval is granted, take the signed form to the teacher whose exam is being rescheduled. Fill out the bottom portion, which asks for the date and time the exam will be made up, and return the completed form with the teacher's signature to the grade level office (a copy will be kept on file).
  2. If a student is absent from an exam due to illness, an absence note signed by a physician must be submitted before the student can reschedule the exam. Once the note has been received the student will follow the same procedure as outlined above. Additionally, parents are encouraged to call the attendance office and appropriate grade level office if their child has to miss an exam due to illness.
  3. During exams, the Library and Cafeteria will be open from 7:30 AM - 11:00 AM for those students who are in school but do not have a scheduled exam. Students will not be permitted in the halls during the time exams are being given.
  4. If there is an emergency school closing during midterms, exams will resume upon the re-opening of school. The order of the exams scheduled will be maintained.
  5. Students are not required to be in school when they do not have scheduled exams (i.e. they may come in just for their 9:30 AM exam when they do not have a 7:45 AM exam using their own transportation or may leave after their 7:45 AM exam if they do not have a 9:35 AM exam).
  6. Transportation schedule during exams is as follows: A normal AM bus run will pick up students each morning. If your child does not have an exam scheduled during the first testing session on any day, he/she is not required to be in school at that time. However, the only AM bus run that will pick up students will be at the normal pick up time each morning. Students are responsible for their own transportation to school if not riding the bus in the morning to school. The normal PM dismissal buses will depart from LM promptly at 11:10 AM (January 22, 23, 24, and 25). Students are welcome to stay in the building after they complete their exams to study in the Library until 2:30PM. However, the only transportation provided after the 11:10 AM buses depart will be the late bus runs (4:30 PM & 5:40 PM) for the students that have after school activities.

Please feel free to contact your student's teachers or counselor if you have any questions.


Sean Hughes

Jon Fadely
Asst. Principal

Scott Kilpatrick
Asst. Principal

Tyrone Ross
Asst. Principal

Karen deFranco
Asst. Principal

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