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Important Information for all Parent/Guardian School Volunteers
Important Information for all Parent/Guardian School Volunteers

Dear LMSD Families,

I am writing to you today to share important information that you will need if you plan to volunteer in your child's school next year. We will need you to go online and register in our new Volunteer Management System. Here's why:

As you likely know, starting in July 2016, Pennsylvania mandated that prior to working with students in schools, all volunteers must submit clearance documents. These documents include:

  1. Pa. Child Abuse History Certification
  2. Pa. Criminal History Background Check
  3. FBI Criminal History Background Check or Disclosure Statement

Here in the Lower Merion School District, we are fortunate to have well over 2000 parent, guardian and community volunteers who enrich our students' experiences by offering their time and expertise. Engaging and encouraging volunteers to interact within our schools is an important part of our "Spirit of Community" strategic plan pathway. However, keeping track of the required paperwork – especially since some of it will start expiring soon – has become challenging.

Included in our purchase of the Raptor® System, which our school security guards are/will be using, is a component that will help us manage the clearance paperwork and will enable you to update your information online. You will no longer need to visit the District Administration Building to turn in your clearance paperwork. And, once all of our volunteers are registered in the Raptor Volunteer Management System, HSAs and schools will be able to use it communicate with you regarding specific volunteer opportunities. Plus, we can program the system to let you know when your clearances are about to expire.

The one downside to implementing this new system is that we cannot import our existing Volunteer data into it. Therefore, we are asking all parents/guardians who may volunteer next year to RE-REGISTER using the new Volunteer Management System. If your paperwork is already on file, you will not need to find and upload your documents, you will just need to verify your name and contact information. Once you have done that, we will verify that your clearances are in order and let you know via email that you are in the system as an approved volunteer. (If you do not have an email address, you can still bring your paperwork to the District Administration Office and register in person).

Click here to register as an LMSD volunteer for the 2019-2020 school year.

Next year, when you get to your child's school to volunteer, the guard will be able to verify that you're on the approved list.

We've created a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Raptor Volunteer Management System.

If you have any additional questions, please call the Office of School and Community Relations at 610-645-1977 or email me at

Yours truly,

Amy Buckman
Dir. School and Community Relations

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