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Aces' Senior Project Seeks to Inspire District's Next Generation of STEM Stars

A few weeks before the end of the academic year, Lower Merion High School hosted the Elementary School Science Olympiad (ESO), a special event organized by twelfth-grader (and now graduate) Anwen Underwood as part of her Senior Project.

Each May, prior to graduation, Lower Merion School District seniors are tasked with completing a Senior Project, an experiential exploration of a topic of interest to individual students. As a two-year captain and highly-decorated member of the LMHS Science Olympiad squad, Underwood made it her mission to spark an interest in STEM among elementary-age students through the expansion of the Aces’ recently launched ESO program.

Classmate Amy Lee, the Features Editor for LM’s school paper, The Merionite, wrote an article detailing the Senior Project experience, which highlighted Underwood’s efforts to share her passion for STEM with the District’s next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians! To read the article on The Merionite website, click here!

An elementary-age student explores rocks and minerals as her mother looks on over her shoulder
Two elementary schoolers learn about rocks and minerals with the help of a high schooler
A handful of students stand at a table as they try to build the biggest straw tower
A father helps his kids try to build a straw tower
An LMHS student helps a group of elementary schoolers at one of the STEM stations
A father and daughter try their hand at the catapult station
A pair of LM seniors smile as they pose with cardboard cutouts of animals
An elementary-age student tries to balance a tennis ball on his straw tower
A high schooler leads a student through a STEM event in the hallway at LMHS
An elementary schooler learns about bugs from an LMHS student
A group of elementary schoolers work on their straw tower
An LM student teaches an elementary schooler about rocks and minerals
An elementary schooler learns about insects
Elementary schoolers work on building their straw towers
An LMHS student smiles and stands at his station
Senior Anwen Underwood shares a few words on the microphone
Senior Anwen Underwood shares a few words on the microphone
A mother and daughter engage with an LMHS student
Two LMHS students lead an elementary schooler through an activity
A smiling LMHS student works on a coloring activity
Two elementary schoolers work on the catapult activity
An elementary schooler learns about mass
Three elementary schoolers learn about animals
Students launch little projectiles in their catapults
LMHS students help elementary schoolers learn about rocks and minerals
A pair of LM students smile and stand at their stations
Two elementary schoolers stand proudly with their straw tower
Two elementary schoolers construct their straw towers
A boy tries to balance a ball on his straw tower as a friend looks on
Mother and son engage with LMHS students
Brothers work on folding their paper airplanes
Three students engage in one of the STEM activities
Sisters smile as they build their straw towers
An LM student colors during a quiet moment
Smiling sisters build their straw towers
An LM student explains something to an elementary schooler
Two elementary schoolers smile as they try out the paper airplane activity

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