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Lower Merion School District


Business Incubator

The Lower Merion School District Summer Incubator is a core initiative of the LMSD Innovation Center. The purpose of the incubator is to educate students about the process of transforming entrepreneurial ideas into functioning businesses and social ventures through hands-on learning experiences, effective mentorship and access to "start-up" resources. The program also serves to augment and support the LMSD business education curriculum.

Through the incubator, students will participate in experiential learning opportunities that afford deeper exploration of personal interests. Participants will have the opportunity to develop practical skill sets (i.e. marketing and advertising, public speaking, accounting, financial management) that will foster success in current and future ventures. They will gain exposure to a wide variety of industries and careers. Through the guidance of project advisors and through participation in workshops, speaker series and other enrichment opportunities students will learn from experts, improve their knowledge, practice and apply skills, build confidence and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

The incubator is part of an expanded effort to enhance entrepreneurship and business education programs in the District. Aligning curriculum and learning opportunities with skills and needs in the job market is a key priority.