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Lower Merion School District


Work Experience

Students that choose to participate in work experiences have the opportunity to:

  1. develop job readiness behaviors, such as coping skills for working with fellow employees;
  2. develop pre- vocational and vocational skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and following directions; and
  3. participate in work experiences which include a variety of unpaid positions both inside Lower Merion School District and at community sites. Participation in work experience is determined by a student’s IEP Team based on individual needs.

Introduction to Work Experience

This course is specifically designed as a foundation course to introduce transition skills to students in the Autism and Specialized Learning Support Programs. The curriculum will focus on four units: Self-Esteem and Social Skills, Problem-Solving in School, Job Awareness, and Work Attitudes. Students will begin to assemble a Personal Futures Planning Portfolio including values, interests and aptitude surveys. Guest speakers and field trips will supplement in-class work. Students will learn and practice transition skills in a supported environment within the high school community.

Work Experience

This course is a hands-on curriculum designed for students in the Autism and Specialized Learning Support programs. Various types of jobs and post-secondary training options will be explored. Students will have multiple opportunities to practice employability skills in the classroom and on the high school campus. Job shadowing opportunities will also be available. Work experience off-campus may be offered if deemed appropriate by the IEP team.