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Lower Merion School District


Transition from 8th and 9th Grade

Lower Merion School District is committed to supporting students through this transition. Following the practice recommended by Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), 9th grade teacher teams at both Harriton and Lower Merion High Schools meet regularly to identify essential and valued student learning, develop common formative assessments, analyze current levels of achievement, set achievement goals, and then share and create lessons to improve upon those levels. The result is a more familiar learning environment for new high school students who feel valued and supported by their teams of teachers.

It is our mission that all ninth grade students are known by a team of teachers and are appropriately placed in challenging courses with systemic support to encourage academic and emotional success. Teams are comprised of teachers from the following subject areas: English, math, social studies, science, special education, guidance, and Administration.

PLC Goals:

  • To provide a supportive learning environment that encourages achievement.
  • To appropriately place students in a challenging academic environment.
  • To implement interdisciplinary work for teachers and students.
  • To increase opportunities for underrepresented students in honor level courses.
  • To form positive academic and social relationships between students of all ethnic backgrounds.
  • To increase support and communication among parent/guardian, student and teacher.
  • To support college preparedness skills.
  • To have high expectations for student performance.
  • To vary instructional and assessment techniques to encourage success.