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Lower Merion School District


Statements of Strategic Intent

Lower Merion School District’s Strategic Pathways

Strategic Pathway 1:  Redefining Success

LMSD's definition of success incorporates creativity, critical thinking, love of learning, and innovation for each and every child to encourage globally aware and engaged students. We reach beyond standardized test scores, embracing and celebrating the many ways in which students demonstrate individual growth.

Strategic Pathway 2:  Transformative Curriculum

LMSD offers a transformative interdisciplinary curriculum that is student-driven and fosters innovation and positive risk-taking. It transcends Standards, is inquiry-based, and connects the classroom to the world. Our curriculum encompasses diverse perspectives, promotes global awareness, and makes use of culturally responsive teaching and learning practices. This dynamic, adaptable curriculum provides vertically and horizontally aligned curricular experiences, ensuring every student learns from the connections across subject areas and receives a comprehensive and balanced education. Subject material is relevant to the world our children will enter in college and as adults. Innovation is the rule and not the exception.

Strategic Pathway 3:  Commitment to Professional Learning

LMSD is a community that values educators and the critical role they play in ensuring our students' success. We trust our professionals and seek to support their growth and development through collaborative professional learning opportunities rooted in self-reflection and inquiry. We believe in providing resources to staff that encourage a culture of engagement, innovation, and exploration.

Strategic Pathway 4:  Student Driven Schools

LMSD students engage in navigating their own learning and growth in close partnership with our professionals. We create an environment where students value self-reflection and inquiry and play a central role in identifying their passions and achieving their goals. We nurture and celebrate the individual strengths of our students and help them to develop competencies that ensure their success beyond the LMSD experience.

Strategic Pathway 5:  Spirit of Community

LMSD takes pride in being a central part of the community. We value the diverse, dynamic talents of every member of our community and their enduring support for public education. We honor this spirit through consistent outreach and the creation of meaningful relationships to promote experiential learning, ongoing service, and engagement that will strengthen and support the student experience during the LMSD years and beyond.