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Lower Merion School District


Scholars Program of Studies

The Scholars Program of Studies encourages students to pursue a broad liberal arts program of studies that exceeds the minimum high school graduation requirements.

The Program of Studies

Students complete the Scholars Program of Studies if they exceed the minimum graduation requirements by earning at least three additional credits along with these additional subject requirements:

14 credits in these four academic disciplines: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Language (minimally four credits in two disciplines and three in the other two disciplines).

While three credits in Mathematics and Science and four credits in English and Social Studies are required for graduation, World Language is not required for graduation but a minimum of two years is recommended.

Distinguished Scholars

In addition to the required credits, students are recognized for completing the program with distinction if they attain a grade-point average of 4.0 with no failing grades. In calculating a student’s grade point average for possible recognition as a Distinguished Scholar, only those courses graded A through F are used.

Procedural guidelines

  1. School Counselors verify a student’s eligibility for the Scholars Program when they review transcripts at the beginning of the student’s twelfth grade.
  2. Those students enrolled in the Scholars Program have their grades reviewed at the conclusion of the third quarter of their senior year to determine eligibility for the Scholars Program or Distinguished Scholars Program.