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Lower Merion School District


Resources and Support

There are a variety of resources available for Lower Merion School District students at the high school level.

  • Lunch and Learn: The Lunch and Learn period is one hour each day in which students and teachers have a thirty-minute lunch and thirty-minutes for teacher office hours, student collaboration, exercise, quiet study, or downtime.
  • Learning Center: The Learning Centers are open at both high schools from 7:30 a.m. - 2:40 p.m. They are staffed with teachers from various major subject areas. Students may meet with a teacher to have specific questions answered regarding a variety of academic concerns.
  • Writing Center: Writing Centers are open at both high schools during Lunch and Learn. Students may meet with Peer Writing Fellows to brainstorm essay ideas, to refine writing techniques, and/or to solicit writing advice from an upper-class student who had already taken a particular course, among other writing needs.
  • National Honor Society (NHS) tutors: Students may request to meet with an NHS tutor in a
    specific subject.
    This peer tutoring occurs during a free period, Lunch and Learn, or study hall. Students may see their counselors for more information.
  • Academic Enrichment: Students may be recommended by a teacher or self-select to attend Academic Enrichment after school. Students work individually or in small groups to hone their skills in Math/Science or History/English.
  • College Access Counselor: The College Access Counselors are available at both high schools to provide one-on-one support regarding the college search process. It is recommended that the
    student first meet with a school counselor and then follow up with the College
    Access Counselor.
  • School Counselor and Transition Experience (SCATE): SCATE involves group guidance sessions that are tailored to each grade level and occur throughout the school year.