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Lower Merion School District


Virtual High School

The Lower Merion School District is a member of the Virtual High School (VHS) consortium, making available a range of courses, including at the Advanced Placement level, not offered on site at Harriton or Lower Merion High Schools. VHS courses are taken online, requiring the student to develop independent learning skills, but offering the flexibility of engaging in course work at any location that has an internet connection. If a student chooses to take one of these online elective courses, the Harriton or Lower Merion site coordinator will guide the student into the course, follow the student’s progress, and be an advocate for the student throughout the course. VHS courses can be taken for a full credit, but credits earned do not count toward Harriton or LM department requirements, graduation requirements, or satisfy any other credit requirement at Harriton or Lower Merion. Please note that AP exams in these courses will not be administered at Harriton or Lower Merion High Schools. VHS courses are for enrichment. VHS courses are fully accredited and taught by certified teachers from across the country.

To register for a VHS course please see your school counselor. Students may visit the VHS web site to explore the course offerings: