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Lower Merion School District



Course Sequences in Mathematics

While three credits of math at the high school level are required for graduation, students are recommended to enroll in math courses during all four years of high school as part of a well-rounded education in preparation for college and careers. A variety of math courses at the College Prep, Honors, AP, and IB level are offered to students. In addition, a number of support courses are offered to provide students with intervention and/or remediation in mathematics.

Courses labeled H (Honors) require that students be able to operate in an environment where both high degrees of independence and thoughtful collaboration are necessary. A prior demonstration of advanced mathematical reasoning and insight through a variety of measures and a record of high levels of achievement are indicators that a student is sufficiently prepared for the rigors of Honors level work. Appropriate formal mathematical and scientific language are used extensively.

Calculator Philosophy

The mathematics department is committed to using graphing calculators and other forms of technology to enhance and facilitate student learning. Calculator usage is incorporated into the curriculum when such usage is appropriate and supportive of mathematical concept and/or skill development. Graphing calculators are used to compare and contrast the symbolic, the numeric, and the graphic nature of mathematical concepts and to solve more complex problems. Courses where calculators are used more frequently are clearly indicated in the course descriptions. Students enrolled in these courses will need a graphing calculator. The TI-84 is recommended.