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Lower Merion School District


Course Selection Process

At the time of course selection, students should make a careful choice of courses in cooperation with parents/guardians/caregivers, teachers, and a school counselor. During this process, teachers assist a student by making a recommendation based on the student’s demonstrated abilities and prerequisites for various courses. School counselors then meet with each student to determine courses that are appropriate for long-term goals.

Students should choose courses and levels (honors, college preparatory, AP, IB, dual enrollment) that are appropriate to their individual needs, abilities, and the competitive realities of college admissions and employment opportunities.

No level changes will be made after the last school day in September for full-year or first semester courses (or at the end of February for second semester courses). Rare exceptions will be made only in consultation with a student’s parents/guardians/caregivers, teacher, department chair, assistant principal, and school counselor.