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Lower Merion School District


Add LMSD events to your personal calendar with iCal feeds

iCal feeds allow you sync events from LMSD calendars to your personal calendar so you can keep up with what's happening at the district. You can add as many iCal feeds to your calendar as you want.

To get started, navigate to one of the calendar pages on Some of the popular calendar pages are:

  • District Calendar (most school and department calendars are available here)
  • Letter Day Calendars
  • Athletic Schedules (located in the Athletics section of each high school and middle school site)

On the calendar page, click the gray RSS icon in the upper, right corner of the calendar.

RSS/iCal Icon

In the window that pops up, you will see a list of calendars available on that page. Hover over the calendar you wish to subscribe to. You will see a list of iCal options.

iCal Screen

  • Get Standard iCal URL - this will be used to add a feed to most online calendars such as Yahoo, or
  • Get Google iCal URL - if you use Google Calendar, you'll want to choose this option
  • Add to Default Calendar App - choose this option if you are on a desktop or laptop computer and want to add the feed to your default calendar application, such as Outlook or Apple iCal

Click the option that fits your needs. If you choose Standard of Google iCal URL, you will see the URL appear at the top of the screen. Copy this URL and paste it into your online calendar to complete the subscription. (Instructions on adding the URL to your specific calendar can be found but searching the internet for "adding an ical feed to a yahoo calendar", "adding an ical feed to a google calendar", etc.)

iCal URL

If you choose Add to Default Calendar App, you will get another pop-up where you can choose which application you wish to add the feed to. Choose the application you want to use and click "Open link". Your calendar application will then open up and walk you through the rest of the setup.

List of default applications to add the iCal feed to