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About Harriton HSA

Each of the Lower Merion School District's ten schools maintains an active Home & School Association (HSA) that meets regularly to inform parents of upcoming school and district-wide initiatives, plan activities, provide a forum for ideas and concerns, and act as a liaison between parents and school staff.

The HSA is a volunteer organization that relies upon the help of parents/guardians. It is an active group that meets regularly to discuss items of concern to the greater school community. The HSA also works collaboratively with the school staff to provide enriching experiences for all.

All Harriton High School parents/guardians are invited to actively participate in the Harriton HSA. If you see an HSA activity or event with which you'd like to help, please contact any member of the HSA Board.

Contact the Harriton Home and School Association with questions, comments, or concerns at .

Sign up for the HSA's weekly e-newsletter, "Ramblings", with the latest news and notices relevant to the Harriton community at .

Questions? Please contact harritonhsa@gmail.comThank you!

Board & Committees


Harriton HSA Board (2016-17)

Co-Presidents Ana Levit
Kathy Stevens

Co-Vice Presidents

Nicole Ditty
Laurel Newman

Past President Anne Anders 610-986-6247
Treasurer Susan Hoog 610-660-0227
Secretary Ellen Finn 484-383-3139
Buzz Book Student Directory


Leslie Wright Riley


Weekly “Ramblings” E-Newsletter


Joanne Siciliano 610-649-0612
Student Planner Robyn Carp 610-316-5867
Guidance Liaison Lorie Foust

Grade Level Reps

9th: Bonnie Pontell, Rachel Lester, Emily Newmark

10th: Robyn Carp, Debbie Bluestein

11th: Lara Williamson, Karen Meehan

12th: Mary Copeland, Christine Buhn

610-888-7743 & 610-203-2406

610-316-5867 & 610-642-4288

908-377-7748 & 484-222-9032

610-520-0335 & 610-668-0318


Harriton HSA Committees (2016-17)

Breakfast Table Theresa Rende 610-804-8184
Community Service Leigh Ann Dichter 610-256-8066
Faculty Appreciation Theresa Rende 610-804-8184
American Education Week Melissa Glozman 267-973-7911
Career Symposium Jami Stein

Linda Donoho
Lecia Markowitz


Committee for Special Ed. Rep

Beth Rosenwasser
Mike Salmanson
Harriton Cooks Theresa Rende
Joanne Steinberg
Helping Hands Lyn Lavin
Interschool Council Rep Lisa Prosnitz 610-909-6323
ISC Art Show Rep Susan Hoog
Jeff Snyder

Nominating Committee Leigh  Ann Dichter 610-256-8066
Scholarship Fund Rep      
School Board Rep Lucy Klain 215-680-3055
Social Committee Leigh Ann Dichter 610-256-8066

Booster Club Reps

Booster clubs and parent organizations provide support to many of the various athletic, extracurricular, and student club activities of Harriton High School. For more information about the booster clubs for a given sport or activity, please contact the liaison shown below. If there is no official liaison shown, please contact the Harriton Athletics/Activities Office.

Harriton Fall Sports

Cross Country (Boys) Laura Chimento
Connie Culpepper
James Lane
Mason Coburn-Weigand
Field Hockey (Girls) Mary Copeland
Football Claire Block
Soccer (Boys) Meredith Kades
Soccer (Girls) Kim Short
Susan Mazzoni
Tennis (Girls) Kate Binnion
Volleyball Sarah Hagearty Nalbantian


Harriton Winter Sports

Basketball (Boys)
Basketball (Girls) Brian Short
Ice Hockey (Boys)
Ice Hockey (Girls)
Swimming Ellen Snyder
Indoor Track
Wrestling Christina Fink


Harriton Spring Sports

Baseball Amy Avellino
Sephanie Quinn
Mike Becker
Mike Boni
Mike May
Crew Judy Flanagan
Tony Skorupski
Victoria Sack
Stesha Corbett
Lacrosse (Boys) Jon Peterson
Sabina McKenna
Lacrosse (Girls) Jamie Stewart
N. Sukonik
Softball Carmen Paternoster
Kim Fetrow Ermi
Maribel Garcia
Tennis (Boys) ---
Track & Field


Harriton Student Activities

Harriton Music Parents Association (HMPA) Susan Hoog
Harriton Theatre Company (HTC) Parents Lori Eisner