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Sponsors: Mary Beth Gehret
Open to all students 9-12. The competition involves a regional site, usually Methacton High School; a state site, either the Eastern or Western part of the state; and a national competition, either a Western, Midwestern, or Eastern site. The top three teams advance from the regional to the state. One team moves on to national competition. The ten events involve a super quiz on a national issue, a speech, and essay (usually on the super quiz), an interview, and written tests in Art, Music, Literature, Social Science, Science, Economics, and Math. The team practices from October through March. The regional competition is held in early February, the state competition is in mid-March, and the national competition is in late April.


Sponsor: Peter Ranieri
Students meet to design and discuss projects for enhancing the quality of art work around the Harriton campus. They meet for special presentations after school on various techniques and styles of art work. They also gather for hands-on volunteer activities here and at other LMSD schools. There is also the possibility for field trips to museums.


Sponsor: Kathleen Schroeck
The Harriton Biology Olympiad was organized with a mission to provide a unique opportunity to students interested in biology, to promote the advancement of biology education in the Harriton community, and to stimulate in its members the ability to learn and work cooperatively.

In February, members will sit for the Open Exam - the first round of the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) - at Harriton). If successful, they may advance to the Semifinal Exam, the National Finals at Purdue University, and even the International Biology Olympiad, which has been held at cities in Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, and more.

Biology Olympiad is open to all students at Harriton, regardless of age, grade, level of proficiency in biology, and desire to compete.


Sponsor: Todd Curyto
The mission of Build On is to enhance education and empower youth in the U.S. to make a positive difference in their communities while helping people of developing countries to increase their self-reliance through education. The Three Way program involves Global Education, Community Service and International Experience. We have a Sister Schoolhouse that we work to help fund and build through a variety of projects. To visit the BuildOn website, click here.

Sponsor: Ato Troop

The Chess Club is open to both accomplished as well as beginning players. We usually practice once a week and play one match each week against another school. This year we competed in the Lower Bucks County Chess League and the Philadelphia Scholastic Chess League. In March we go to Bloomsburg University to compete in the PA Scholastic Chess Championships. We will enter a team in the High School Open and the High School Novice Divisions.


Sponsor: Mark Ferraro
The Environmental Club is made up of a group of students who wish to raise awareness about environmental issues and improve the school environment. In addition to educating themselves about environmental issues, members participate in a variety of service projects throughout the year. Some examples of these projects are: participating in Habitat for Humanity, planting flowers on the Harriton campus, and participating in the Pennsylvania adopt-a-highway program.


Sponsor: Barbara Ranson
Future Business Leaders of America is an educational association of student members preparing for careers in business or who are just simply interested in learning more about the free enterprise system. FBLA helps students develop leadership abilities, and prepare for entry into, and advancement within, a business or business-related occupation. Members learn how to engage in business enterprise, how to direct the affairs of a group, and how to compete honorably in competitive events. These activities help prepare students to be better employees and better citizens. FBLA provides innovative leadership development programs to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship.


Sponsor: Kathy Bold
Our goal for this organization is to promote the awareness and tolerance for all sexual orientation in our school and our community. We hope to encourage a more holistically aware Harriton society where all people feel accepted and we will provide a support group for those questioning their sexual orientation and who are fearful of making this known. Through various events, fundraisers, discussions, and speakers, we anticipate creating a better and more accepting environment. In addition, for promotion, we will organize a community service activity related to our cause, such as working with the AIDS Fund.


Sponsor: Dan Imaizumi
The main mission of Gems Not Genocide is to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur. The club raises money by making and selling jewelry.


Sponsor: Mark Ferraro
The goal of the Horticulture Club is to spread the love of plants. We work in the greenhouse growing and caring for plants. We do this to show our appreciation for all that plants do for us, as well as have a lot of fun working with our hands and getting down to Earth!


Sponsor: Jim Joseph
This club is a select group of instrumentalists who perform and analyze jazz of various types and styles. The standard instrumentation of the Jazz Ensemble is 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 1 tuba, 2 alto saxophones, 2 tenor saxes, 1 baritone sax, drum set, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano and auxiliary percussionist. Members are required to attend all concerts and practice sessions.


Sponsor: Paul McKenna
The Jam Club meets on a weekly basis and allows students to express their musical side in a non-competitive environment. Students jam using many instruments including guitar, bass, and drums.


Sponsor: Peter Crooke
The Corinthian is Harriton's journal of student -produced original writing and art. Interested and enthusiastic students meet every Wednesday after school to review and discuss one another's stories, poems and other writings and artwork. Students come to appreciate varying points of view as they give and receive support, encouragement, and specific suggestions for improvement of each other's work. It's a great opportunity for growth in technique as well as in group interaction skills. The end result is the long-awaited publication of the Corinthian in May of each year, a cause for celebration and pizza-eating!


Sponsors: Mary Beth Gehret and Titia Scherpbier
The purpose of our Math Team is to compete in six contests offered during the school year by the Pennsylvania Math League. It is open to all students who have a keen interest in mathematics and a desire to be challenged by difficult and unique problems. Although our team will post a "Team Score" on each competition, individuals are invited to other contests held at PA universities in the fourth quarter of the school year.


Sponsor: Christine Jawork
The goals of Mock Trial are to promote an understanding of the American legal system and courtroom procedure and etiquette while promoting thoughtful analysis and teamwork as students prepare a case for trial. Team members act as witnesses and attorneys as they present their case in front of a judge and jury at the Montgomery County courthouse. Mock Trial meets three times a week from December through March.


Sponsor: Donna Mazzola
The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes in students the ideals of scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Those inducted perform services such as peer tutoring and food drives for needy individuals and families.

NEWSPAPER (The Banner)

Sponsor: Peter Crooke
Student published newspaper of Harriton High school serving as a forum for the free expression of ideas. Published six times a year, this award-winning journal is written and published by the student staff.


Sponsor: Jim Joseph
The Pep Band is a group that performs at various sporting events and other activities.


Sponsor: Sarah Harvey
Members participate in three competitions of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Physics League during the school year. Events in these competitions range from engineering & building events such as electric cars, catapults, bridges, and towers to laboratory events testing the knowledge in areas of kinematics, dynamics, optics, and electricity. Students practice in RAM periods and afterschool. Some students also compete in the national testing for the U.S. Physics Team. To view the physics club website, click here.


Sponsors: Jason Bizich and Paul McKenna
Pitch Please was established in 2008 by Harriton alumni Guy Katz and Gabi Bressi. This ensemble and has become a valued component of the school's diverse music program. Pitch Please performs pop music at both in-school and out of school concerts. Check us out on Youtube! Members are required to attend all concerts and practice sessions on Wednesday and Friday afternoons until 3:30pm.


Sponsor: Joe MacNichol
Activity designed to involve students in science. Members observe demonstrations and learn how to present them to an audience. Science shows then are performed for elementary school students.


Sponsor: Brian Gauvin
Part of a national program designed to promote an interest in science. Members compete in 23 events dealing with all the major branches of science and engineering.


Sponsor: Jason Fritz
The Harriton Service League is an organization centered around providing services to Harriton and the community. Some of our annual projects include running blood drives at Harriton (one in the fall and one in the spring), assisting with the College Fairs (two in the Fall), serving as tour guides at Main Line School Night on selected Wednesday nights, assisting as guides at the Harriton Open House and the Eighth Grade orientation, as well as raising money for a cause selected by Harriton Service League members.


Sponsor: Larissa Binkley
Members of the Soup Kitchen Club bake after school in Mrs. Barnett's room and donate baked goods to the St. John's Soup kitchen. Members can also volunteer to serve breakfast at the soup kitchen on Saturday mornings.


Sponsors: Bonnie Perry and Sherry Wert
This student organization competes against other regional schools through the Pennsylvania High School Speech League. Debate formats include Cross Examination Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Speech events include Extemporaneous Speech, Informative, Persuasive, Prose, Poetry, and Dramatic Interpretation events. The Speech and Debate team's competitive season runs from October to March.


Sponsor: Jen Galvin
The purpose of the Stock Market Club is to promote an understanding of economic issues, different situations that have taken place in the market, and to remain current with business news. We enhance this experience by participating in real life stock market games and trading during market hours.


Sponsor: Gretchen Lawson & Joe DiPaul
Student Council is an active governing body of elected student officers and representatives from each homeroom concerned with academic, social and physical plant issues as they relate to the student body of Harriton. Student Council names committees, appoints chairpersons and acts on the input from the committee findings and its representatives to interact with the administration to affect change promote programs and improve communication. The elected officers are: President, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Finance, Chair, and Administrative Officer, four Class Presidents (one from each grade), and Representatives of the student body. Juniors are elected officers of the Student Council in January of the school year and serve in this capacity for the second semester of that year and the first semester of the following year. To be a part of Student Council you must be in good academic standing (no D's or F's), have good moral character, and have no Level II-IV violations.


Sponsor: Chris Weaver and Tim Brockman
As members of the Technology/Engineering Club, we compete in locally sponsored engineering competitions, such as the Widener School of Engineering competition that takes place every October, and the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics competition every spring. Also, as members of the nationally recognized TSA, we compete in regional, state and national competitions. Over 70 events are available for students to compete in, that all involve elements of design, hands-on problem solving, and the development of various engineering projects.


Sponsor: Neill Hartley
The Harriton Theatre Company produces two shows a year, usually a drama or comedy in the Fall and a musical in the Spring. The company's purpose is to foster stage craft, and all members are encouraged to take part in all aspects of production – from performance to set crew. The Company Band consists of student musicians who perform between drama/comedy acts and provide the music for our musicals.


Sponsor: Jason Bizich
Vocal Jazz was established during fall 2012, and has quickly gained popularity as Harriton's newest vocal ensemble. Vocal Jazz is a select group of singers who perform jazz and various contemporary types and styles of music. The standard instrumentation is 8-12 singers (balanced soprano, alto, tenor, and bass). Members are required to attend all concerts and practice sessions on Monday afternoons from 2:50-4:15 pm.


Sponsor: Jamison Warren
The World Affairs Club involves its members in debates, seminars, trips to museums and the UN, games and simulations (Model UN, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the World Court, etc.) and more. A large and diverse club, it focuses on providing students with opportunities to learn through the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and other organizations. Students can become very active with club activities and trips.


Sponsor: Robin Hernandez
Strives to promote the understanding and acceptance of foreign cultures, with an emphasis on French culture. Activities include visits to museums, drama and dance exhibitions, guest speakers, movie reviews, and French cuisine.

YEARBOOK (The Highlander)

Sponsor: Laura Vogel
The purpose of the Highlander is to produce a professional publication by and for Harriton students. The yearbook staff will learn the real life skills and responsibilities of producing a 200 page historical document. Under the advisor's guidance, the staff will: create a theme, plan and layout every page, organize photo shoots, sell books and advertisements, write, and edit text.